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23 thousand people visited the car forum in Krasnodar.
In Sochi open international economic forum "Kuban-2004".
Russian edition of Forbes magazine published the list of 100 richest businessmen of Russia.
В«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-businessВ».
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Fisting: technique, posture, and other useful tips.
In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
Rostov opposition tried to open the veins during the arrest.
Under Gazprom's reeled pipe.
Krasnodar "choke" without the 2018 World Cup.
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The number of inspectors in Krasnodar DPS will increase by 700 people.

In Krasnodar City Commission held a meeting on road safety.

According to IA REGNUM, the press service of the city of Krasnodar, the meeting discussed priority measures to improve the state of the transport links the city and carrying out preventive operation "Bus" and "Attention, children." Conducted meeting the head of Krasnodar Vladimir Yevlanov.

today in the regional center, there are 267 thousand cars a day come here even before the 150 thousand cars.

The city repaired the road, new traffic lights are working evacuator, expanding the roadway, opened to traffic earlier pedestrian street sites. However, the roads do not have enough regulirovschikov, inspectors are often in no hurry to design an accident, a sad standard steel cars parked directly under the prohibitory signs. All this leads to the emergence of traffic jams.

According to regulations, the situation in the Krasnodar routes should control at least a thousand inspectors road posting, yet they are only 250, - explained the acting commander of the regiment UGIBDD GUVD Krasnodar Krai Anatoly Hmura . Perhaps in the near future the number of inspectors, DPS will increase by seven people, and this problem will be solved, he assured Vladimir Evlanov.

participants made suggestions on traffic and reduce congestion on the streets of the capital Kubanskaya.

In Krasnodar Territory continued preventive operation "Bus." Held in the audit identified numerous violations: not respected the rules of carriage of passengers, rolling stock does not pass inspection, no fire extinguishers, medical kits. "For the drivers and owners of such vehicles should be applied not only to the administrative impact rastorgaya their contracts, but also to make a public censure, presenting such evidence through the media - Vladimir Yevlanov.

nearing completion and operation "Attention, children." In schools, the city had been tested Corners road safety front, where necessary, put road markings.

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