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«Previously wrote the music for the people, and now for the show-business».

Popular music in the crisis - regular CD does not sell, show-business privatized several clans, all the students download from the Internet free of charge.

that this is not so scary, «Gazete.Ru» told cozdatel and ideologist Internet project Free! Music Valery Mifodovsky.

-How did you come to understand the need to create a Free! Music ? What was his background?

- the first step in the draft Free! Music was creating his own group, the concept of which was the creative freedom to implement without looking at other formats. First, I wanted to make this concept of free use of music only to its own group EXIT project. I understand that the advance team should be instrumental unusual. Very quickly, despite the success of the project - a group that not even the year, has received a contract for the publication of the album - it became clear that real progress is nothing but the fact of the biography. The traditional way we will not be able to penetrate as it marked the listener. Later this led to the realization that the problem is much broader than the activities of a separate group. And we have to look minded. So there was a draft Free! Music.

We are looking for a way out, not wishing to adapt to the realities of formats, fashion and other nonsense that hang on the ears of the audience.

In today's show business a little music, you'll need something else: to have gills or budgets, fashionable legend, three eyes, or at worst non-traditional orientation of musicians.

Anything, just to attract the attention of the media and the public. Playing in all these delusional desire to play was not. And hysteria with copyrights and MP3 players has led to an understanding that the old approaches are obsolete and the world is changing.

They had become not like it all: protect the rights of all, that if the deal, nonsense, because it still had to earn the rights in Russia is virtually impossible. Of course, with the advent of the market of content providers, with the sale of mp3, with ringtonami on the Rights were something to gain, but it's 10 top performers, others as not earned, and will not be.

- What do you suggest the participants in the music market through its project?

- We offer free music listeners. The music, which is written not for sale, not for show business, but for the people. This is a new reality where we want to create a place where the usual laws kopiraytnogo show business valid. The place where creativity is encouraged, but not the possession of rights. Many musicians have forgotten about creativity, they have at the outlet is a product that contains components of market success, trying to get into the trend and nothing else. The music market - this is really the market with all market rules, which the music itself does not have any relationship. At the market prevail standards imposed on radio stations, producer center, a lot of trends. For example, now have to use electricity and perepevat 60 th or 80 th, to include low bass, because Benny Bennasi (Started as a DJ, and now serves as a music producer. - «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru») has proved that it is sold . We need to avoid lengthy guitar solos, and the like.

now, this music for the popularity is very little relationship popularity created through the media dictatorship.

In such circumstances, the chances of the music, which is made not to market practices, to be heard almost non-existent.

- Is your project to take its rightful place in the current show business of Russia?

- Our show business in general can not be described as such, he mestechkovy, simply place an impressive in size, which keeps it all on the talent and not the music. We have a clan, privatize the theme: Access to the First Channel, access to radio stations, all types of media - it Matviyenko clans, clan Pugachyova, clan Kobzon. This clanism - this is not show business, this co-operatives. This communication, access to the media and resources. Of course, there is a decent and professional people, but the general public, as a rule, they do not know.

So far, this generation does not deviate from the administration, no show-business models in western Russia will not do.

I believe that Free! Music is suitable for those artists who are not killed in the works. For the young in the first place. Also, do not rule out that well-known artists and have the material in the table, which is not the case, and they want to donate it to society. I suppose that in the near future, well-known artist could offer the market a «free» track from his new album as a promo, thus raskruchivaya the entire album.

- Tell us about the commercial interest. To benefit your project?

- Commercial interest is in each group included in the project, which wants to play music and live by it. Participation in the Free! Music increases the chances of the group to be heard, respectively, well-known and recognizable, which leads to an increase in attendance at their concerts. Again, because none of the teams who play for clubs, no serious money for the copyright does not earn. Therefore, to cling to them and to fight - which means pouring water to the mill of the same «show-business».

- What reaction do you expect the musical public, because the majority still believes that the need to protect copyrights?

- The reaction of the people of the old-style show business is likely to be negative. They long to build its system, establish communications, and now operate infrastructure by selling musicians dream of success, in the course of taking away all the rights and the public to sell all of the rights that can squeeze out. Free! Music artists to create their own audience and work with it directly, bypassing the existing system. Print self-drive a lot of intelligence is not necessary.

and give a bunch of right label for the dubious luck to be issued does not need it.

Label, of course, will sell more than the group itself, but no meaningful revenue against the backdrop of stagnating sales carriers still will not.

Those that younger and progressive, I hope, will understand and support. And then, we are not the only ones: for example, the group «Mumiy Troll» has long vykladyvaet of free access releases his songs and albums on the site without fear of «piracy» and reduce the sales of CDs. Draft Lebedev TV Unsigned Uplifto do so gives official approval, not only for the free use of its track, but on the remixes. Just such examples in the West.

If you talk about ordinary students, they simply will support everything that is free of charge - on the condition that the music of love.

And the more will zakruchivat nuts to protect the rights, the more courts around the downloading of music from the network, the more ideas will be for Free! Music.

- How do you see the future of the project recently announced Universal, which is going to provide Internet users with free music content, and live on money from advertising?

- the chances of success of the project a lot, especially given the resources of Universal. Some smaller companies do so is unlikely to be able, because it will not negotiate with the right, it needs an alliance. However, the draft SpiralFrog achieved another business model, free download is only possible with this resource to be sure to review advertising copy downloaded tracks will be protected. Thus, in the West, the transfer of rights to free use - until now, too, but rather the exception.

- How do you think the situation with the copyright on the music content will evolve in the future?

- There are two trends: the protection of content and the release of it - these are two opposing positions. So far outweigh the protection, but due to the fact that there are already huge audience and the means to deliver its content from a historical perspective, most likely, will be free. Because in today's business is a struggle for audiences, for that to conquer the audience, to keep her attention, and then to earn it.

On the question of ownership of the audience to add: the capitalization of such companies as and Rambler, represents a significant amount, though they do not own anything except the servers and the people, and whose property worth pennies in terms of the real economy. Nevertheless, these companies are valued in the same amount, such as factories and industrial plants, where there are machines ¸ warehouses, technology, suppliers, logistics and so on. It is precisely valued access to the audience, which is very expensive, and in the future will be valued more expensive. I am sure that the virtual economy, sooner or later, will exceed the size of the real.

- What's new approach will bring you to the Russian musical reality?

- need to return to music listeners and musicians sense. For the musician, from which creativity literally torn out, the music is rather mystical experience, and not to trade. And this music is paying off for him right at the time of creation by the fact of its appearance and implementation of sound.

I also hope that the musicians can be seen in the possibility of their own truly creative implementation.

previously wrote the music for the people, and now writes for the show business.

This is the road to degeneration. I do not mind if the musician, becoming known, will write and to order, it is his bread. But though he shared their works that can be sold, and that is not for sale. People do not need in the next «high-quality product», and human feelings in his heart, in line with the joy of the world. If a team from the pool Free! Music will become known, and if this does not change its principles, it will be proof that the theory is correct. Prerequisites for all is: is the audience, there is a problem with copyright, there is a systemic, global crisis of show business - all together sooner or later lead to new forms of use of copyright.

Dorofeeva Anna

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