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Blood on the ¬ЂIkee¬ї.

Issued ¬Ђ30 days before the dawn¬ї - grotesque vampire horror, where klykastye Swedes bite angora rabbit.

Vampirsky film Anders Bank begins with ¬Ђchecks on the roads¬ї: New snowflakes, porhayuschie under the couplet from the ¬Ђdark night¬ї Mark Bernesa not otherwise have been imported to Sweden from the movie Alexis Herman. But hidden behind a dark forest with snow nehoroshey izbushkoy and group otmorozhennyh esesovtsev refer to very much any archetypal images of the Soviet guerrilla cinema.

All right: director Swede five years postigal ABC Excellence in VGIK and therefore knows what works, voicing Soviet Ukrainian song dark night, which moves something pokruche guerrilla movement . The tradition, however, is not obizhena:

when the suspect avoided at esesovtsev nabrasyvaetsya oderzhimaya Ukrainian-vampirsha national skirt, remember, among other things, that even before homeland upyrey Transylvania not far away.

However, it was just saying, and the glory of God: at some point from the partisan forests upyryami begins to give a dubious experiment in the spirit of ¬Ђfrom Blair Witch¬ї, only with the Nazis and the best Ukrainian front. The main action takes place in our time in zapolyarnom Scandinavian raytsentre whose obyvateli a victim of vampirskoy amateur local doctor pest.

irresistible urge exsanguinate everything that moves, covers torchka-trainee, then a new assistentku, then the company teenagers whose party into a vampire rally. Plot ¬Ђ30 days before the dawn¬ї, in general, is speaking, extremely simple. Everything else, for that matter, too, but this was the debut event, where the innocence of execution successfully masks the director's inexperience and weaknesses incomprehensible to become dignity: one and a half hours to watch as the Swedes bite each other for sonnuyu artery and, in general, not do nothing else, it is not boring, sometimes funny, sometimes even strashnovato. But not √Ц√Х√Ф√?.

argued, among other things, that this is the first vampire movie in the history of Swedish cinema.

Well, again, that the bank did not peremudril with monstruoznymi beauty and special effects, the major portion of which received the doctor in the film pests - it makes zhivuchee amphibian, rezvo running on the ceiling. The other heroes are content overhead canines and blurred face of ketchup - the director and the lack of irony here, not to make major mines with povtore the general seats from the arsenals of the genre.

Meanwhile, a more favorable look at this approach, the Swedish exclusive - for example, when the same trainee, torchok, obevshis for Duri vampire pills (in which those for whom this is true, find out the red Capsules boleutolyayuschego ¬ЂNurofen¬ї), is sent to the first dinner with his parents loved the girls, where anything sumnyashesya, umertvlyaet their teeth angora rabbit - pet the whole family. It is grotesque. But when the young Swede, destroying family happiness, climbs to the lamppost and bites pass by the home dog - it is already a nightmare in which the creators of the film, it seems, is not expected.

Brodie, wanders in the film that the Bank inconsumable dogma-bergmanovsky gene, which had suddenly and skrestili of vampirism. When all costs debut poluchivshemusya hybrid not refuse a certain charm.

A similar case occurred with the recent ¬Ђhostel¬ї, when izezzhenny the length and breadth of adolescence slesher also moved in an alien environment - with a stuffy American farms in the Eastern European loam. In ¬ЂHostel¬ї foreigners mangle passatizhami Slovak factory here upyri razbryzgivayut artificial blood on the sofa of ¬ЂIkei¬ї, who only yesterday were raped each other friki Mudissona and idiots ¬ЂDogma¬ї - somewhere yesterday. In other words, there you are a Swedish fantasy, which seems to be directed to the Bank has not been observed in the kingdom at all.

Vadim Zelbin

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