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«Kremlin» failed operation.

Tickets to the rostrum at the Madonna concert will change on Sept. 6. Dance floor is not changed, while the additional tickets will be many «Bronze» and «silver».

Tickets for Madonna will be exchanged on 6 September in 12 hours. In the box office «Luzhniki», and only there. Change only the tickets for the podium - a dance partner will remain the same. Then start selling new tickets: first, through the Internet, and then the box office. New tickets dopechatayut only to the rostrum. Those who want to deliver the tickets to return all the money, even including service charge and 10%. However, to return will have to submit all tax documents, that is the ticket and check. However, why donate? The concert will still take place on 12 September in the Luzhniki stadium, which is much easier than on Vorobiovy mountains, and more.

All this said at a press conference that the organizers of the concert of Madonna in «Interfax».

to attend Shurygin of the NCA, director TiketPro Serge Grimaud, the Luzhniki, «âÉÌÁÊÎÁ» and Moscow authorities.

Kisseleva of FSUE «Kremlin», earlier gave a press conference in which he described as a principal organizer of the concert was not on the podium. Commenting on this fact, Mikhail Shurygin, director of NCA, said that «Kremlin» helped to organize a concert at Vorobyovy Hills, helped get the necessary approvals. Now that the permit for the concert at Vorobyovy Hills has been received, all the organizers of the concert, as reported Shurygin sit at this table.

Implicitly, not directly and unobtrusively, but so that all understand the responsibility for the failure of the operation «Vorob'evy mountains» was assigned to the «Kremlin».

took the Deputy Director General of JSC «Luzhniki Olympic Complex» Boris Megrelidze. He said that the Luzhniki specifically designed for mass events, suitable for all parameters are in excellent condition and continuously monitoryatsya multiple inspection institutions. As they spent together with the organizers of the calculations and realized that, despite a very difficult stage and a huge number of people in the field, football does not hurt - unless, of course, take necessary precautions and to protect the field.

Shurygin again said that the organizers from the start dreaming about the Luzhniki stadium, but they were not available due to some football games, which only recently pereneslis abroad.

And the rest - the organizers of the concert, is not commenting, dezavuirovali all the rumors: that the merged ticket speculators, and the fact that Madonna will not come because of its kabbalisticheskaya preceptress predicted her death in Moscow, and all the other idiotic gossip, which only occurred or might occur in overheated Moscow public.

Something that proyasnilos after talking with us Ildar tank, director of 19.00, which will sell New tickets for Madonna.

He promised to sell all the new ticket as soon as possible - vyvalit all tickets to the site and sell them in record time. He also promised to contact those who have left requests for tickets and to whom they have not won.

«We, of course, those customers will warn, and allow them to book tickets in advance. Vyvalit try everything to minimize the possible massive orders from speculators. Do speculators, by the way, there are electronic robots that monitor the site and automatically book tickets from the database insert numbers and e-mail-s. Or do you limit it, as we did last time, or ... I think also on hand to sell tickets, it is at the heart of the city, there is convenient, works without interruption. I will try to hire «Carat» and catch speculators, but you understand - there is no such law. He can go and apply for me in the court: on what basis do you sell me ten tickets, rather than twenty and not forty. By the way, probably, will be sold again in ten tickets in one hand. You know, when the concert started, nobody knew what would be the excitement. Demand has grown because of these queues.

Prices are the same, will be the same names sectors. And there will be more relatively cheap «Bronze» and «silver» tickets. Now the issue with partners. Different countries have different safety requirements for the partners. In the west, one viewer relies on 0,3 to 0,5 square meters, and in Russia - the meter. Getting ahead, I think, given that there are many seats, we will propose to change tickets with ÔÁÎÃÐÏÌÁ on the podium. Many were forced to buy tickets to the dance floor and now they will be happy to change ».

«Gazeta.Ru» is looking forward to the reaction of all others interested in the performance of individuals. Our main competitors in the fight for Madonna, the newspaper «Life», wrote today, referring to a middle-level managers in «Beeline» and for itself that the consent of the Madonna concert in Moscow has not yet been provided. The heart of journalism - permanence.

Semyon Kvasha

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