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Cathedral of Life Guards burned from okurka.

In St. Petersburg burned Trinity Cathedral. According to witnesses, the column of smoke was visible on Nevsky Prospect - a high fever chuvstvovalsya on the other side of the Fontanka River.

By 18.00 struck the main dome of the temple. Soon the flames engulfed the whole upper part of the temple. Able to pinpoint the fire only after three hours. Previously, the fire came from a derelict okurka.

In St. Petersburg, lit Trinity (Izmailovsky) Cathedral. According to law enforcement officials, reported on fire in the cathedral was on duty at the desk about 17.15 Moscow time. (according to the MOE, the information on the fire services has been operating at 17.30).

According to preliminary data, a few minutes before that, for some strange reason, yet, broke forests established for the restoration of the main dome of a cathedral, located at the intersection of Trinity and Izmailovsky Avenues, near the quay Fontanka River. According to the local emergency services, forest fire at an altitude of 30-40 meters.

fire started to spread rapidly. After a short time, a torch polyhal entire main dome.

Soon the entire area was entered Trinity smoke column of smoke was visible on Nevsky Prospekt - and eyewitnesses report that В«chuvstvovalsya glow even on the other side FontankiВ».

As reported by the press service of Civil Emergency in St. Petersburg, several fire calculations Admiralty district went to the scene at 17.16 Moscow time. At that time, the flames spread and the two neighboring dome. At 17.32 fire was assigned the fourth issue of complexity on a five-point scale. Area fire rescuers at that time was estimated at 300-400 sq.m.

At 17.48 dome together with a cross struck down UGPS reported in St. Petersburg.

In place of 25 firefighters worked calculations reported В«Gazete.RuВ» PG EMERCOM in St Petersburg. But to stop a fire they could not. By 18.30 flames had already engulfed the whole upper part of the building. The overlapping upper floors collapsed, and exposed reinforced concrete structure beginning to melt in the heat transfer В«Fontanka.RuВ». The fire intensified - and then moved to the right side of the cathedral. Second dome collapsed.

say rescuers were heard from the temple of cotton. According to some reports, it exploded with ink tanks and varnishes left to the builders of the forests, passes В«InterfaxВ».

TO 19.00 began to extinguish the fire and air: the Trinity Cathedral flew helicopter MOE.

In addition, as they say in urban governance MOE, fire-fighting has contributed to a strong downpour: rain hlynul when fire awarded 4 th degree of complexity.

As a result, the fire was able to locate only to 20.00. At the site so far have worked for 40 units of fire equipment. There is prolivka and the dismantling of burned structures, which may take a day.

According to the chairman of the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Faith Dementevoy, damage from the fire is huge, but so far he has not been defined.

definition of damage to deal Rosohrankultury Commission, which in connection with the fire department forms.

According to the press service Rosohrankultury Eugene Strelchika, the commission also determines what should be the priority protivoavariynye measures. Strelchik said that it is also necessary to urgently resolve the issue of a temporary roof of the church to protect it from bad weather and other adverse effects, RIA В«NewsВ».

As to the causes of the fire, they remain unknown.

But, according to preliminary data, consider fire, forest fire from okurka, who dropped out of the builders.

Trinity Cathedral (Church in the Holy Trinity Life Guard Regiment Izmailovsky) was built in 1835 by the architect Stasov. Prior to that, at the same place was built for the same shelf wooden church. The cathedral was built in the style of late classicism, with a frieze, a portico and colonnade. The cathedral can accommodate up to 3 thousand people. Inside the dome had been painted with gold stars on a blue background. In the cathedral wall mounted commemorative marble plaque with the names of officers Izmailovsky Regiment, died in the battles. In 1938, the cathedral was closed, it housed the Soviet establishment.

kept in the temple theater props and factory warehouses Monumentskulptury.

Cathedral twice restored after the war - in the years 1952-1956 and 1966-1967. In 1990, the cathedral church back in sad condition. In fact, it was bare walls. In addition to church utensils, icons and furnishings irretrievably lost glory of the exposition Izmailovsky regiment with banners and keys of the city. At present, the building was completely useless, is in urgent need of restoration, but in a very long time allocated money.

Herman Prochorov, Mike Gabrielyan

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