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One more victim.

Rescuers have found at the site fall under the Tu-154 Donetsk bodies and fragments of 171 dead bodies. Thus, in the field found in one victim more than stated in the lists of airlines «Pulkovo» and Anapa airport. Location

took another passenger, is not yet known.

At the site of the collapse of Tu-154 «Pulkovo Airlines» under Donetsk found 171 bodies of those killed. This was reported «Gazete.Ru» the press service of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine. However, according to airline and airport Anapa, where vyletal crashed airliner, on board had to be 160 passengers and 10 crew members.

How did one more body, yet no one can say.

The press service of «Pulkovo» said «not refute nor confirm this fact», and promised to make a statement at the end of the work of the commission and the Public Prosecutor of Russia and Ukraine in Donetsk. Representatives of Anapa airport completely exclude the possibility of getting on board the Tu-154 stowaway. But the press service of the Prosecutor General of Russia on the question whether the possibility that the plane was a terrorist, could not answer.

Lessons from the rubble the body folds rescuers on the slope near the crash site liner. As the correspondent of «Gazety.Ru» from the search operations, about the tent camp, split the Ukrainian and Russian rescuers, lies a few dozen black plastic bags, which are more or less preserved the remains. According to rescuers, most of the corpses can not be identified by external features: the body obugleny much as during the collapse of the liner in its tanks to be large numbers of fuel, which after the crash and severely burned a long time. Identify only those parts of bodies, which at the time of the collapse and fire, allegedly touched the ground.

came to the scene, the representatives of the Public Prosecutor's Office began compiling protocols: The paper describes the situation of the body when it detects visible damage and the floor. On Wednesday, about 21.00 local time, the body began to heave at the «ëÁÍáúÙ» and export in the city hospital morgue behalf Kalinina.

And in Donetsk on Thursday to begin the procedure for identifying the dead.

early as Wednesday morning at the airport of Donetsk began arriving relatives and friends of the victims of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Anapa, Belgorod, Kharkov and Feodosia. They set up headquarters aid coming. Arrived housed in a specially booked hotels in the city «Central», «Victoria» and «Ukraine». Also near the site of crash by a tent camp. Until Wednesday night, people mostly came by their own - on intercity buses and private cars. Some of them have already showed the accident occurred - with a specially-equipped observation platform, where doctors on duty and an Orthodox priest.

And on Wednesday night in Donetsk arrived home dead from St. Petersburg. «On the plane to Donetsk from St. Petersburg arrived 157 people. The same special flight along with their relatives and even went to a specialist team MOE, four doctors, two psychologists and clergy.

Truth As the correspondent of «Gazety.Ru» from St. Petersburg, went to the crash site could not : according to the administration of the airline's quota in the Donetsk allowed to fly only two relatives of one passenger dead.

Only some family members made an exception, they are allowed to fly three. The rest did not have enough seats. According to unofficial data, the terminal building of St. Petersburg gathered about 300 people who came from Norilsk, Murmansk and Kaliningrad to travel to Donetsk. Among them were able to fly less than half - provided by the airline aircraft accommodates only 150 people.

26 August to identify the bodies of their loved ones fly relatives of the two residents of the regional center of Kamchatka - 50-year-old Valentina Potapova and her 24-year-old daughter, Natalia. In Donetsk, they fly through St. Petersburg, all costs will take the airline «Pulkovo», said «Interfax».

say officials, the identification of more victims will be held with the help of DNA: the majority of phone razneslo literally in pieces, many of the bodies badly burned. In Donetsk, has already formed an expert group for the identification, prepared the necessary equipment. «Given the gravity of what happened, we can not say how long the relatives of those killed probudut in Donetsk. Identification phone may take a long time », - said the airline zamgendirektora« Pulkovo »External Relations Vasily Haletenko.

Once in place of the tragedy will end the export of phone, the investigation will begin inspection of the wreckage of the plane. (The collection of fragments of the liner ongoing). According to the correspondent of «Gazety.Ru», placing the shell of the wreckage of the liner is very compact, the variation is only 150 to 200 m. As reported eyewitnesses disaster, this is because «the plane fell to the ground flat».

According to a resident of Dry Beams Nikolay Yakovenko repair near the site combines the time when the crash «Storms like it was not ».

«This can be called a dry thunderstorm, as well as a flash of lightning, were low clouds and rain began small. But there was no rain. Suddenly, because of the clouds vynyrnul aircraft and with a strong roar began to decline, while randomly moving in the air. Then about 10 seconds, the machine hung like a helicopter, then from a height of about 800-900 meters in rapid fall headlong to the ground », - told Yakovenko. He noted that with the fall of the aircraft was observed to tilt one wing and cabin. After the fall of a loud explosion, and the plane caught fire. Local residents, got to the place of the tragedy, have not found anybody who would sign, «rescue was already a certain». After the villagers arrived police and fire brigade. After seven or eight minutes had cataract, which is easier to fire fighting.

from the wreckage of the liner almost nothing left. At the ashes are only visible carcasses of four engines pokorezhennymi obuglennymi and blades, mauled by the plane's tail piece and part of the fuselage with the letter «on» - the former on board inscription «Pulkovo».

Kryliya porubleny «small noodles». Aluminum paneling melted, so that the bars are visible on the ground, formed after pour molten metal. Nevertheless discovered eve «black boxes» crashed to starboard - voice and parametric - are, according to Russia Transport Minister Igor Levitin, in satisfactory condition.

Interstate Aviation Committee and Ukrainian experts have already begun in Moscow, their decoding.

Typically, the procedure takes about ten days.

Andrew Stenin (Dry Beam), Yevgeny Ivanov (St. Petersburg), Marina Lemutkina, Elena Andreeva

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