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Madonna sold out of his hands.

Tickets for Madonna ended. Those who made the request, but not yet received the news from the courier may have ponervnichat: Not all applications processed, but they are much more than tickets.

with tickets for Madonna at the outset happened something strange. Clearly, buy a ticket in the stalls is not possible. To do this, you must be a student or on holidays, or fan of this: take a turn to the evening to sleep in the car, put the tent. Madonna, after all, this is the most relevant, the boundary between art, kichem, pop, pornography, fetishizmom, literature, music and contemporary art.

îÁÓÔÏÑÝÉ� violent, despite the opinion of the late poet, not too little. They, along with the ubiquitous perekupschikami and there were all these days before the world and the Children's Club «Gogol» and patiently waited for the hosts concert cast another small batch of tickets.

Small parties thrown for them to shoot somebody perekupschikov. Strange way, to be honest: the only resellers, and, perhaps, students can take place in the queue for several days and also stay there.

But, apparently, you can fork out for courier delivery, and to purchase tickets by phone or via the Internet? Nothing of the sort.

First, the cheapest tickets in Moscow on the Internet is not sold. From expensive tickets also got strannovataya history. Poprobovavshih book tickets over the phone listened to, recorded contact information, have promised that they would contact the courier - and everything. None of the try-known В«Park of CultureВ», has not received a single call or a letter.

Tickets can be purchased by taking part in competitions at the twist of the wrist, and possession of a mouse. Site В«ShoutreydВ» from time to time vybrasyval small batch of tickets for sale online. Outposts that time could click specific book tickets. However, poshedshim on the way citizens, too, no one perezvanival - had to persevere, to call in the cashier and ordered a courier.

Today Anton Atrashkin, spokesman for the Madonna concert, said in an interview with Interfax that the tickets ran out. All 35 thousand. It remains unclear - that will make the order with?

thing that made the order is not a guarantee - this is called В«applicationВ». Those who made the request, but received no news from the courier may have ponervnichat: Not all applications processed and much more than tickets. A substantial part of them spread out free sales: according to the news, took a four-digit number in the company Beeline, В«LukoilВ» and В«Europe PlusВ». In addition, some tickets distributed in St. Petersburg, the Baltic States and Scandinavia. Part of the tickets sold through the fan club Madonna - Book Club, complained that after the announcement of the concert club handled monstrous number of new applications for membership from seeking a guaranteed ticket, but it is useless: the magic of paper, to better secure other national currencies, reach only tested by fan book В«SexВ» and six kabbalistskih tales.

Meanwhile Anton Atrashkin explained В«Park of CultureВ», that it was the transparent sale of tickets in the history of the national concert business .

is arranged, it was so. In the Czech Republic was the server, which gave the command to print the printing plant in Russia ticket. Each ticket be assigned a unique code, which was created in the Czech Republic, as applied in Russia. Tickets are being transported in small quantities of several thousand units - in order to avoid storing large quantities of tickets in one place. Completely exclude the possibility of speculation was, of course, impossible, but the queue was a serious feyskontrol: the same person could not buy tickets twice. According to unofficial information, few people even had to withdraw from the cash register by force, when they demanded an explanation, and portrayed the innocent ovechek.

way or another, all those who have not got the tickets can cheer the fact that participated in the first country to present a concert azhiotazhnoy history. It's time to get used. Hysterics - the motor trade.

Semyon Kvasha

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