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Adam in fast rewind.

Out В«Click: c remote control for lifeВ» - a comedy with Adam Sandler, which has cost more grim.

Razrydatsya, uteret tears, smile and escape all correct - that the reaction, which is waiting for this movie from the obedient audience. The film, let us with Adam Sandler, chief pohabnikom Hollywood - well, maybe after the golden retrivera, who throughout the «ðÕÌ�ÔÁ» trying to master the great porolonovym duckling.

Devil retrievers owned by the main hero-torn lives of the architect. Being a father wonders children and husband droll wife, quite preuspevaya at work, he osatanel about what should continuously something decide to worry about a career, answering a call to combat the cold, listening tupuyu girlfriend wife tuned.

Send as a shop in search universal remote control, he finds a person (creature?) with an excellent speaker named Morti.

Morti hero presents a gift - a universal remote control, the manager universe. It can ubavit volume in layuschey dogs include В«a picture in pictureВ», when the wife zatevaet scandal, and enjoy the football, press В«pauseВ» and nastuchat to face boss, and he will not bear that in mind. But most importantly - it is possible to В«runВ» all secondary: boring evening, disease, increasing the anticipation. Promotav too much, the architect learns that razzhireet, zapet lose all that expensive, and will die in the street in the rain.

sometimes feel that Sandler and turned her name in the metaphor of the unbridled beastliness - one of umneyshih people in Hollywood.

It is no coincidence that as the author himself В«MagnoliiВ» Paul Thomas Anderson called him to play along with Emily Watson in В«Love, confusing legsВ». After a career in В«the singers at a weddingВ» and В«mother synkeВ» (which, incidentally, shot producer В«KlikaВ» Frank Korac), Sandler has gradually moved tapes like В«Spanish EnglishВ» and В«Fifty-first kissesВ». Comedy, which was on very thin ice, which is the bottomless pit of crocodiles. Consistently referring to the audience as a retriever with duckling, Sandler proves once again that a fool - profitable way. You can say anything and people will think this is a joke.

В«clickВ» in this sense - the continuation of tradition. The three main actors - this is Sandler, played his wife, Kate and Christopher Bekinseyl Uoken, draw Morti - whether feature, or a god, or death itself. Such castings can be done. Yes, indeed, everything and done - a summer family comedy, podoshedshaya all acceptable boundaries of genre, borders, boundaries meaningless Limits of animal fun.

These boundaries begins cinema itself. Here, the dignity of the tape smoothly and into the gaps.

Because В«clickВ» - this is like a sketch for a very different film. By surreal grotesku on the crisis in middle age, citizenship neuroses, desperation and the fact that your life every day steal all of whom are not lazy and do not do this.

But it's too dark, and В«clickВ» votes for the cashier. So someone is irritated by such obvious samokastratsii tape, someone - not the most fun with the comedy bezmozgloy plus smutnaya resolve in the coming weekend to go look at the clouds or to give his wife flowers. Make something to feel: the death is still far.

Anton Kostylev

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