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The European debut «Olympic».

8 January at the Palais des Sports «Olympus» was the first match of the second round of the Cup of Cup winner European countries ..

Krasnodarskaya «Kuban» met with the German club champion ninefold «Nuremberg».

Prior to the start of the match before the meeting in «Olympus» made by the Acting Chief of Administration of Krasnodar B. Yevlanov and vice-governor of E. Muravyev.

- I am delighted to welcome the participants in this beautiful room, - said Vladimir Yevlanov. - I hope the German delegation «Olympus» liked. But let guests No offense - today we are ill for our!

Unfortunately, «Kuban» overcome «Nuremberg» was not able - said a higher class rivals, and in the absence of the injured Anna krasnodarok Kurepty - our girls lost 22:27.

But despite the defeat, wards Alexandra Tarasikova showed effervescent attacking handball, blew off the bulk portion of the five thousandth of applause filled the room.

After the match Vladimir Yevlanov handed a valuable gift from the administration of Krasnodar - TV - the best player the game to veteran Kuban handball, Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion Ludmila Pazich.

Since debut «Olympus» right «excellent», noted that representatives of the German delegation.

Tomorrow, January 15, Krasnodarsky handball fans will be able to watch another match of the European level - in the «Olympus» play handball club «Rostov» and Croatian «Hayduk» of Split.

T. Saulenko

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