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Yushchenko can, but do not want to.

Viktor Yushchenko did not dissolve the Rada, where he has the right to do so. Yushchenko to meet with parliamentarians, too, does not want.

Surrounded by the Ukrainian president said that the final decision of a parliamentary question Yushchenko would pull up to the beginning of August.

Starting from Tuesday, as has already written «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru», President of Ukraine has received the right to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada for the that it was unable to 60 days to form a government. Anti-crisis coalition, realizing the threat, immediately began to operate. First «regionaly» and their allies wanted to personally persuade the president not disperse Rada. On Tuesday morning, the parliament has invited Yushchenko to their evening meeting. Communicate with the President, however, wanted only the representatives of anti-crisis coalition. Pro «Our Ukraine» considered it meaningless, and BYuT, as you know, do not participate in the work of parliament (on Wednesday, by the way, Tymoshenko said that deputies did not block its return to the Rada before the adoption of the president of a decision).

Yushchenko, a little pomedliv with the response, refused to come.

After Yushchenko's refusal to come to parliament anti-crisis coalition has made a new step. Speaker Socialists Alexander Moroz said that the president himself asked him during a personal meeting for Wednesday В«round tableВ», in which the parties will discuss the situation in the country.

, however, to any В«round tableВ» the president did not go.

Perhaps Frost took wishful thinking, since the morning of the Secretariat of Yushchenko said that in the schedule of the president on Wednesday В«Round TableВ» no. A member of the В«Our UkraineВ» Roman Zvarych later reported that the В«round tableВ», perhaps all, will be held on Thursday.

Another way the impact of a parliamentary coalition of Yushchenko became a legal trick. Late in the evening on Tuesday the Verkhovna Rada adopted at first glance senseless decision - the decision, she returned to power the government of Yuriy Yekhanurov, who sent former Parliament resigned in January. For the abolition of the Decree of 10 January 2006 to dismiss the deputies voted 239 out of 303, that is, only members of the coalition. Speaker Moroz later explained this step so that both the coalition wants to show the president his willingness to cooperate, and that pleased «works, as he (Yuschenko. - çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru") that wants ». The case is as follows.

Under the 90 th article of the Constitution of Ukraine, the president has the right to dissolve the Rada, if within two months after the resignation of the Cabinet of the new government has still not been formed. This is the time and ended on Tuesday. Representatives of the Party of Regions and their allies in the coalition, however, argue that the Government of Yekhanurov, May 25, has not been sent into retirement, and be relieved of his duties and the 90 th article of the constitution is impossible to apply. A В«OrangeВ», of course, has its counter: the first time since the Yekhanurov government sent in the last parliament have resigned 10 January 2006, President Yushchenko has long had the right to dissolve the Rada. That was the argument В«orangeВ» on Tuesday and was denied a strange ruling Yekhanurov on the return to power. According to the coalition government in January was dismissed in violation of six articles of the Constitution, and therefore the ministers need to return to their posts.

Thus, the anti-crisis coalition, reversing a previous decision on the resignation of the Government are happy to formally deprived of President Yushchenko's ability to dissolve parliament.

However, the current realities of Ukrainian politics are such that the unlikely step of parliamentary majority will prevent Yushchenko to dissolve the Rada. Another point is whether he wants to himself. As we wrote «çÁÚÅÔÁ.Ru», President of the Ukrainian lands in a trap where any of the decisions will mean for him a political defeat. Either Yushchenko dissolve the Rada, and, as claimed by sociologists, re-election of the Party of Regions will benefit from even greater advantage, or he has made to the parliament the candidacy of Viktor Yanukovich, his rival for manufacturing power himself in the hand.

Presidential Secretariat announced that Yushchenko will use his constitutional right to consider making the nominations of new prime minister within 15 days. As is known, Yanukovych's candidacy was proposed by the president only on July 17, and, therefore, time to not go to the В«round tableВ», the president continues until Aug. 2.

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