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Second Blagoveschensk in Sochi.

OMONovtsy beat the holiday with the question "Who hit our".

Summary mobile team of human rights defenders, whose composed of lawyers in the Nizhny Novgorod Committee against Torture, the "Mother of protection of the rights of defendants arrested and convicted" (Krasnodar), the Fund "Public Verdict" (Moscow) and the Man and the Law "(the city of Yoshkar-Ola), carrying out the verification of reports on the violation of human rights by Krasnodarkogo edge OMON in the village of Bas-Makopse city of Sochi, unveiled the first results of its activities. Recall that earlier reported that a number of holidaymakers, including children, have suffered as a result of "mopping up" in a cafe on the territory of Child Health "Friendship." Initially, the scene called Lazarevskoye village, but after that it was clarifying.

At this time, human rights activists interviewed more than 20 people from among the villagers, the staff of Child Health "Friendship" and the citizens who were arrested by OMON and injuries.

As news agency REGNUM in the Fund "Public Verdict, defenders managed to restore the following picture of what happened. On the night of 16 to 17 June, two members of OMON ATC Sochi, seconded to the local DPS office and temporarily residing in the village of Bas-Makopse in the Children's Health "Friendship," while drunk, in civilian clothes began to molest the girls in cafe. Women have been able to avoid a conflict and left the room, followed by OMON officers were provoking a conflict with a young man who until then danced with the girls. OMONovtsy, according to the victims, tried every way to humiliate the young person and to provoke a fight. Observed a conflict of two men (established that they came from Rostov-on-Don) OMONovtsam made the remark, and then between them and members of OMON was a scuffle. OMONovtsy were severely beaten and some time lying on the ground, and rising, in the form of unprintable promised "to go back and deal with all" and left.

On the night of 18 to 19 July 2006 in the Bas-Makopse Sochi OMON officers arrived at the number from 30 to 50 people (different witnesses to determine the number of different ways). They started to detain all the young men. When the detention to use physical force, electric shocks and bamboo sticks. Some members of OMON, in the words of the victims were armed with assault rifles. In beating asked: "Who beat our?"

most mass detentions occurred in a cafe on the beach, where for two days before that hit two OMONovtsev.

in the cafe was a lot of young people. Detainees vykidyvali through the fence cafe and laid out face down on the beach. After the manner laid all OMONovtsy began to ask, "Who beat our?" Having received no response, OMONovtsy asked: "Which of Rostov?" According to the victim, who raised his hand, was beaten with sticks and used elektroshokery.

Then all detainees loaded into a bus and carried in the police department Lazarevsky area. The process of detention, the visitors watched cafes, Gulyaev along the coast, pribezhavshie parents shouting at the detainees and the villagers.

At their cars arrested, parents went to police bus. On arrival at the police department to release the detainees did not. Parents are asked to call for an ambulance to those affected, but the duty of the refused to do so. Detained juveniles in the department from 23 pm to 5 am. According to detainees, they were forced to sign the explanation under the threat of violence. The statements they were forced to point out that claims to the police, they do not have.

to a medical facility called the two most affected. They were hospitalized. Others did not apply for the blind were, but were medosvidetelstvovanie later by order of the investigating prosecutors. For many citizens hold bruises on various parts of the body. One hospital reported minor concussion and bruises on his back, the second - a suspected injury to internal organs (liver and kidneys).

In the course of the consolidated group mobile lawyers human rights organizations was able to read some of the procedural and medical instruments.

collected materials are studied, and is already July 26, a mobile group of experts will give a legal assessment of the legality of actions of the OMON.

"Already, we can state that, in contrast to, for example, events in the Bashkir Blagoveshchensk, where she also worked as a mobile team of human rights defenders, prosecutors, in strict accordance with the law, instituted criminal proceedings and in Currently intensively conducting urgent investigations. This is, of course, reflects the desire of law enforcement officials understand the situation and restore the violated rights of citizens "- said the head of the mobile group head of the department of investigations Novgorod Committee against Torture Oleg Habibrahmanov.

Currently, victims of the case found eight people, including three minors.

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