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In his birthday Governor of Stavropol namolotil 60 tons of grain.

July 13, Governor of Stavropol Territory Alexander Montenegro in the 36 th consecutive time on the day of its birth, took part in the cleaning of crops for steering wheel harvester - told the correspondent of IA REGNUM, the press service of the head region.

now headed the region was 47 years old. With the governor in the cabin of the harvester and his son was Alexander, who has 6-year part of the continuing tradition of his father. Together with him on the field, as in the past year, the Bishop of Stavropol and went Vladikavkazsky, Bishop Feofan.

Career Stavropolski uchenicheskoy governor began with a production team, when most of the summer holidays 1971-1975 years he shturvalnym in sovkhoz "Red Manych" Turkmen edge of the area involved in the harvest. Then kombaynera improved his skills while studying in Kubanskaya selhozinstitute. Then, a student, the future governor of 3 years working at a level five times champion Kubany cleaning Nicholas Blohi. After exactly a quarter of a century after dating in 2004, known Mekhanizator Kuban and Stavropol governor again sat for shturvaly harvesters and once again competed for cleaning grain SPH plemkolhoze "Russia" Novoaleksandrovskogo area.

his 47 birthday Alexander Montenegro holds for the steering wheel to combine SPH plemkolhoze "Russia" Novoaleksandrovskogo area.

It was here in stanitsa Grigoropolisskoy born student movement production brigades, half of which was celebrated anniversary in the province in 2004. In the team number 4 for the steering wheel combines Don-1500-M "the number of Chapter 13 of the region took part in the harvest. Today he namolotil 60 tons of grain. On the day of birth in 2002, the head of the edge of namolotil 75 tons in 2003 - 37 and in 2004 - 45 tons of grain.

While working in the fields of the Governor of the Stavropol region on the phone greeted with Happy Birthday President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, who inquired about the progress of cleaning and asked to convey thanks to all hleborobam Stavropol for the high rate of harvest and a rich harvest.

governor also congratulated the edge of Happy Birthday Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in YUFO Dmitry Kozak, Minister of Agriculture Alexei Gordeyev, the chairman of the Accounts Chamber Sergei Stepashin. Lord Alexander Chernogorovu Feofan passed the written blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II.

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