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Julia did not give Vitku and Sasha.

Ukrainian politicians have begun to seriously discuss the possibility of dissolving parliament and appointing the new election.

Viktor Yushchenko said that gives MPs three weeks on the design of the ruling coalition and the formation of the government.

former candidate for the post of prime minister of the dissolved «orange» coalition Yulia Tymoshenko once again spent in the role of an opposition politician.

Maidan Baba said today that it will not allow the Party of Regions and the Socialists «calmly rape Ukraine», and proposed to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada and to hold re. On the possibility of such a scenario, the day before and said Viktor Yushchenko, threatened that if within three weeks of a ruling coalition in the Ukrainian parliament did not appear and do not form a government, he will use his right to dissolve the Rada.

However, the likelihood that a tactical alliance of Socialists and the «regional» find legal forms, is increasing with each passing day.

opened today in Kiev Ukrainian forum of deputies of all levels of the Party of Regions. On the square in front of the palace «Ukraine», where the forum, party activists held a rally under the typical slogans «A broad coalition - the guarantor of the stability of the state», «Stop splitting Ukraine» and «No orange dictatorship». The Congress, in addition to the regional leader Viktor Yanukovych, and the first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk, appeared happy and svezheizbranny Speaker, the Socialist Party leader Oleksandr Moroz. Zavidev it, forum participants povskakivali from the field and welcomed his standing aplodiruya and chanting the name of the Speaker.

In his speech, Viktor Yanukovych called on all political forces in Ukraine to join, the conditions, however, did not name.

«I want to appeal to all political forces to work together for the sake of the interests of the state», - he said nothing beautiful and meaningless words, which can be understood well, as a call to recognize the victory of regional opponents. He graduated with a zloradstva: «Revolution and rallies ended».

According to Yanukovich on his election as new chairman of the Verkhovna Rada started a new stage in the development of the country: «open the way to unite the whole of Ukraine ... Set the stage for an early start of productive work and are glad the Government ».

have «Alaverdy» Alexander Moroz also stood in a solemn tone.

Ukrainian Machiavelli said that it was correct its decision to move into a coalition with the Party of Regions and the Communists, and he called «not speculate on the position of the Socialists». According to the new Speaker, the Socialists are convinced of the need for a democratic coalition with the transition to a broad coalition. «But I saw that one of the political forces wanted to understand the way with its partners, and the perpetrators do Socialists», - revealed Frost treacherous plans of their former allies. For this reason, Frost justified, he turned to Yanukovich, and invited him to support the candidature for the post of Speaker of Socialists - that is, himself. In the end, Frost called slogan Forum «unite Ukraine» «the most important», because it shows the problem that «artificially imposed Ukraine over the past two years», and expressed his conviction that the idea of a broad coalition capable of solving the existing problems in society. In addition to beautiful words «regionaly» prepared and no less beautiful paper: the forum is going to take «Declaration of Unity» and issued an appeal to the people and the resolution «the ways out of the country of Ukraine systemic economic and political crisis».

Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the block in your own name (BYuT) and failed «orange» a coalition of opponents did not share the optimism.

Commenting on the air of the Ukrainian ICTV channel offers Yanukovych and Moroz, she stated that BYuT did not take part in the «large coalition».

«« A broad coalition »- this is the tomb of the broad democracy, a broad tomb for the sovereignty of Ukraine. And because no «broad coalition», our political force will not be completely separated », - Timoshenko assured the press. Moreover, forecasts Tymoshenko, a coalition of «the Party of Regions», Communist and Socialist parties unsustainable: «Merge nerodstvennye things - Communism and the double clans - one command to create a coalition« Communists, socialists and bratki »- this is not a long stretch».

«Our team will not so easily rape Ukraine», - summarized Tymoshenko and said that together with its associates would seek the appointment of new elections to the Verkhovna Rada.

it asserts, «early elections - the only way out» of the parliamentary crisis and the current parliament is «polulegitimnym».

Perhaps dreams heroine coincide with the plans of President Viktor Yushchenko, who is hardly pleased to see the fact that his party «Our Ukraine» BYUT and remained in the minority in parliament, giving way to «control package vote »opposition to Yanukovych.

the eve of the President of Ukraine promised to dissolve the Verkhovna Rada, if within the next three weeks, the ruling coalition did not obtain legal registration and did not form a government at last.

«I'm waiting for the last three weeks of you forming a new coalition and a new government», - he said, referring to the leaders of all five political parties and blocs represented in parliament. Otherwise, the Ukrainian leader has promised it will «raise the issue of dissolution of Parliament».

Text: Xenia Solyanskaya

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