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From under the plane wreckage recovered all survivors and bodies of the dead passengers (Irkutsk).

The activities associated with the recovery of people crashed in Irkutsk airport aircraft airline Sibir.

About IA REGNUM correspondent at 12.05 local time (9.05 AM EDT) reported in the operational headquarters of the hotline. According to the interlocutor, 57 people are in hospital. "Some were taken to burn center toksigologicheskoe office, others in the trauma in children's hospitals, the hospital Emergency aviation."

Number of dead members of the "hot line" has not yet ozvuchivaetsya, but according to the MOE to 65 people.

"We are in the list of 193 passengers, in contrast to the information available to the company" Siberia. "In terms of the number of tickets purchased by 50 per cent discount, I can say that on board the crashed plane had 7 children - told IA REGNUM. - Now here are doctors, psychologists, rescuers MOE. survivors provide psychological support. "

To the question of IA REGNUM on the preliminary causes of the crash, spokesman for the airline Sibir Eugene Filyanin said that "sooner bring any version, all the experts have to assess."

According to official figures published on the website of airline, aircraft, performing on the night of 8 to 9 July, the flight number 778 Moscow - Irkutsk during landing at Irkutsk airport at 07.44 (local time ) vykatilsya beyond the runway, after which the fire occurred because the plane collision with a barrier near the airport.

on board the plane were 200 people (192 passengers and 8 crew members). The flight was carried out on the Airbus 310.

ru–Ш–Ј-–њ–Њ–і –Њ–±–ї–Њ–Љ–Ї–Њ–≤ —Б–∞–Љ–Њ–ї–µ—В–∞ –Є–Ј–≤–ї–µ–Ї–ї–Є –≤—Б–µ—Е –ґ–Є–≤—Л—Е –њ–∞—Б—Б–∞–ґ–Є—А–Њ–≤ –Є —В–µ–ї–∞ –њ–Њ–≥–Є–±—И–Є—Е (–Ш—А–Ї—Г—В—Б–Ї)
deVon unter den Tr√Љmmern wieder alle √Ьberlebenden und Einrichtungen der toten Passagiere (Irkutsk).
esBajo el plano de los restos recuperados todos los supervivientes y los órganos de los muertos pasajeros (Irkutsk).
frDe sous les décombres de l'avion de passagers tirés de tous les vivants et les morts corps (Irkoutsk).
itDa sotto il piano relitto recuperato tutti i sopravvissuti ei corpi dei morti passeggeri (Irkutsk).

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