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В«Brazil always blame the coachВ».

All the blame for the defeat of the French head coach of Brazil's Carlos Alberto Parreira has assumed ..

According to mentor pentakampeonov, the absence in the semifinals of Latin American teams is a disgrace to the world of football.

poslematchevoy At the press conference head coach of Brazil's Carlos Alberto Parreira has been remarkably calm and rassuditelen. В«First of all, I want to thank my players - began specialist. - I was not able to fulfill its mission and put team to the finals. In Brazil, in the case of the national team in the first place blame the coach. I think this time will do the same. I did not worried about his future and is ready to accept any decision of the Federation В».

В«We tried to do everything that was in our power - continued Parreira. - We had scoring opportunities, but we were not able to do so.

French played excellent, they were more patient and good defensive. In addition, they have Zidane and Henry. We also have talented players, we just worked hard, but probably missed something.

Maybe the fact is that football is not enough long practiced together В».

«We have lost a strong team, which issued an impeccable match - said the coach. - We ÎÁÄÅÌÁÌÉ stupid mistakes that cost us victory. This is a very difficult moment for all of us - we do not expect that vyletim so early. Despite everything, I believe that in the semifinals would be at least one South American team. It is a shame for world football ».

head coach of France, Raymond Domenek was delirious with joy. В«This is unbelievable. Sometimes not enough words to describe what one is - rejoiced helmsman winners. - With this victory, I struck another blow to critics who felt that the В«oldВ» long kept В».

В«In the match against a class team, a team of Brazil is absolutely impossible to continually attack, but huddle in their goal to not otherwise have to pay for it - said Domenek . - Consequently, the main challenge was finding the right balance between defense and attack, with the result that we have and work. I would not say that we dominated throughout the match, but controlled the game well enough to win В».

В«I would not want to devote any of their players - the coach continued. - All were surprised how well you played today Zidane, but, actually, and I expect that he will play at that level. Others also did their part on the field, each had served its purpose. Even those who remained on the bench. As in the case of a victory over Spain's success belongs to all national team players. As for the role of Zidane ... I would not say that his role is reduced to the formula В«Zidane plus other playersВ». Rather, it will read: В«Zidane among the other playersВ».

team against Portugal, we will not be easy, but more on that tomorrow.

Now let me enjoy the victory. Only football can cause such a deep emotion В».

Text: Dmitri Klipin

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