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In Stavropol an inter-regional conference on "Healthy Cities".

June 27 in Stavropol interregional conference was called "Healthy Cities: the role of cross-sectoral cooperation in the preservation and strengthening of public health."

of the correspondent of IA REGNUM reported in the press service of the regional administration center. Participation in the event confirmed Moscow and Moscow region, Izhevsk, Novocherkassk, Sochi, Samara region, and many other cities and regions of Russia. The conference will consider the Inter-ministerial cooperation and explore its potential in terms of preserving and strengthening the public health based on the methodology of international project "Healthy Cities".

Stavropol is an active participant in this project for over ten years.

participation in the international project has identified a strategy for the city as a set-up of the city in social, economic and spiritual conditions for the comfortable life of the inhabitants of the city. Stavropol, participating in the project is ten years, the conference has a leading role. Over the years, the city was able to implement a number of integrated programs aimed at preserving the health of citizens and their initiation of a healthy lifestyle.

now the regional center came in the fourth phase of the project "Healthy Cities", along with cities such as Copenhagen and Turin. Russian cities that have emerged at this stage, including the Stavropol, a total of five. There is a lot of experience working in this direction in which interest those who are just beginning to operate in the international project.

project "Healthy Cities" will involve working public administration, business and social organizations.

followed by programs to improve the physical health of the citizens have been taken, and targeted programs of social support, promoting employment, development of physical culture and sports, drug abuse prevention and alcoholisation, improve safety and many others. A Profile of the city of Stavropol health, which primarily focuses on the health of residents, as well as environmental, socio-economic sphere, the development of sport, the organization of children's entertainment and so on. One of the main objectives of creating health profiles Stavropol is to examine the state of the city to date and prospects for its development.

The statistics show that in the regional center declined overall incidence decreased rates of tobacco use and the population increased fertility.

separate section will work on the theme "Implementation of the project" Healthy Cities "in the city of Stavropol. The experience of ten years, which will be deputy head of administration of the city of Stavropol, the chairman of the management committee of Russian network the project "Healthy Cities", MD, Professor Valentin Muraviev. Topical issues zdorovesberezheniya discussed in other sections: "The active way of life - a key line of IV phase of the project" Healthy Cities "(leader - Heyni Parkunen, chairman of the Baltic Center for WHO Healthy Cities", the project coordinator in the city of Turku, Finland), "Role intersectoral cooperation in implementing the national project "Health" (Director - Yuri Mikhailov, director of the Central Research Institute of Public Health, WHO experts on health policy, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor), "Cross-cutting policies of health and quality of life: the project" Healthy Cities "(Head - Abrosimova Yu, director of public health policy of the Research Institute of Public Health and health management MMA them. IM Sechenov, coordinator of the Russian network of" Healthy Cities ", the candidate of medical sciences).

Within the framework of inter-regional conference will be six sections on various fronts: "New approaches to urban planning: a priority health issues," Health in the Workplace "," Active life a prerequisite for preserving the health, medical and social aspects of healthy longevity "," Inter-agency cooperation in protecting the health of the younger generation "," Women leaders have a new Russia. " 28 and 29 June in the exhibition complex "Progress" to be fair "City of healthy lifestyles." It will be presented sections: tourism and recreation, sports and travel goods, environmentally friendly products and healthy food, housing environment, information and educational technology in the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

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