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Stavropolskie entrepreneurs demonstrating against the ban the sale of alcohol.

In the Stavropol private entrepreneurs staged a rally to protest against the federal law banning the sale from July 1, alcoholic products without re-registration in a legal person.

At the memorial Budennovtsu regional center gathered a few dozen entrepreneurs the regional center and the regions of Stavropol Territory. They were made with slogans: "We are against the illegal trade in alcohol," "We are against the shadow economy" and others.

As told the news agency REGNUM head of the Stavropol regional department public organization of small and medium enterprise "OPORA RUSSIA, businessmen intend to speak again.

In addition, the holding of shares of "Day of the closed shop" when the emergency stop its work on the day to protest against the new rules of trade in alcohol.

According to Sergey Kharitonov, concept of law is to curb the illicit trade in alcohol, cut off the possibility of illegal sale. But in fact, is all up to a "vice-versa." Entrepreneurs suffer huge losses as a result of re - in the tens of millions. "We estimate that in the forefront of this amount will exceed 100 million rubles, or 200 million," - said in the organization. Entrepreneurs are to cover the losses, forced either to remove the products from stalls or sell its under-the-counter. Already in stores alcohol disappears. This is particularly true of elite varieties of wines, brandies, which are not raskupayutsya quickly, but may be on the shelves for a long time. But now entrepreneurs say that the license for this sort of date.

Entrepreneurs rightly say that the new law infringes their rights, since they receive a license for several years, legitimate ways to pay, calculated means.

And now they say that since July 1, those licenses are not valid. Piketchiki expressed dissatisfaction with the law and preparing Stavropol region on trafficking in alcoholic beverages. " According to entrepreneurs, large license fees once again directed at the development of small businesses that have paid so will simply not able to do.

Entrepreneurs Stavropol say that their protest rallies will not be limited. It is now preparing to appeal to lawmakers at various levels in order to correct the shortcomings of the law.

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