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Forty years at the same place at the same hour.

Stavropolsky Academic Drama Theater named after M. Lermontov - the oldest in the North Caucasus.

December 19, 1845 company entrepreneur Charles Zelensky began its creative work in Stavropol, in two beautiful stone building (today it is known to us as a post house officers). Since that time, and maintains a chronology Stavropolsky theater. In those long years on stage svyaschennodeystvovali tragedian Nikolai Rybakov, comedian Alexander Alexeyev, as well as Pauline Rybakova, as contemporaries commented on as the star of first magnitude among the best actresses of Russian province.

In 1910 the company moved into a new building merchants Mesnyankinymi (now shop "Passage" and the building Philharmonic), in which the theater until 1964, forced a break in 1942 -- 1943 years. In the large theater director and actor, of its pride and glory, People's Artist of the USSR F. Shishigyan, People's Artist of Russia G. St George, Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Ivanov, S. Reinhold, R. Rakhlin, directors G. Sumkin, B . Ratov.

in 1964 became a new page in the history of the theater. First, it was named after Mikhail Lermontov. Secondly, this autumn has been appointed chief director RP Rakhlin. Since its passage in the repertoire established heroic romantic line. And finally, in the third, December 12, the theater moved to new premises in which the team is working on now.

Curiously, the building was originally designed as a palace of culture "Kraypotrebsoyuza. But when the construction site was already a quarter done, it was revising its administrative and cultural facilities.

Chief Architect Irina V. Lysyakovoy was given a project to reconstruction of a building for dramatic theater.

remembers Boris Rogol, behind the building, as a result of additional work on the meter had to expand the portal to arrange orchestral pit, turntable stage, smoke lamp sofitnuyu gallery, inlet and exhaust ventilation. In finishing domestic production facilities and visual theater in Moscow was attended by specialists, "clothes" scene and the second-floor lobby were made in the workshops of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

Inauguration of the new building took place on 12 December 1964. Hall alive, filling the scent of flowers that brought grateful viewers their favorite actors, zazhglis stage lights. Representatives of regional and municipal authorities congratulated builders, and then gave the first performance - "The Sixth of July" by M. Shatrova put RP Rakhlin. Your visitors survived a long time, have established a People's Artist of Russia M. Kuznetsov (as Lenin), Distinguished Artist of Russia BN Danilchenko (as Podvoyskogo).

Here's how remembers about the play and the actors playing in it, Honored Artist of Russia V. Allakhverdiev. He was then quite young actor playing the role of Proshyana: "... The role of Dzerzhinsky served Honored Artist of Russia N. Semenov, who earlier made his debut on stage in the Stavropol áÒÂÅÎÉÎÁ role in the play by play of Lermontov's" Masquerade. "Interestingly, prior to Dzerzhinsky, the role we have performed in a theater actor AI Bochkov, but in this performance, he has already played Bonch-Bruevich. eserov leftist leader Maria Spiridonova played TN Besprozvannaya. Cast occupied almost the entire troupe of the theater. Cast employed and the older generation, and young people, who with great responsibility to work. The play reflected one of the most difficult moments of the history of the young Soviet state - left eserov weekdays, when the stakes were very existence of Soviet power and the life of Lenin. "

We want to emphasize that exactly 40 years ago in a production of the show was attended by people who now work for the benefit of the theater.

That - Honored worker of the Russian Federation A.Ya. Alyokhin, whose wonderful light design plays repeatedly delights the audience. This is - a senior artist-designer, honored worker of the Russian Federation VA Sanzharova.

This year Stavropolskomu Academic Drama Theater named Lermontov turns 160 years old. In anticipation of the anniversary of the solid like to wish all the servants Melpomeny tremendous creativity of happiness, because they serve the arts, which brings people joy.


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