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Of the 89 allegations of copyright infringement before the trial got only 5.

Strengthening combat violations of law in the sphere of security and protection of intellectual property were discussed on 30 June at the coordination meeting of heads of law enforcement agencies in the Stavropol region prosecutor's office.

of the correspondent of IA REGNUM's press secretary Tatyana Yevtushenko regional prosecutor's office.

The problem in recent years is very relevant in the Stavropol region.

"intellectual piracy" is a nutritious economic foundation for the formation of stable criminal groups.

, however, work to prevent it so far done poorly, and supervision over the implementation of legislation in this area does not provide protection for rights holders and consumers.

Since 2004, received 89 reports of crimes under Art. 146 of the Criminal Code (violation of copyright and related rights), the edge of law enforcement authorities brought only 23 criminal cases in this category, but the court directed all 5 cases. This can not be considered sufficient to protect the consumer market of counterfeit products.

Crimes in the sphere of intellectual property rights, responsibility for which an art. 171.1 Criminal Code (production, acquisition, possession, transport or sale of unmarked goods and products) are not registered. During the second half of 2004, according to the results of audits conducted by law enforcement and supervisory bodies of the illegal trafficking of counterfeit goods seized: 58 624 optical DVD-ROM drive, 7 639 videotapes, 106 audio cassettes 1. Prosecutors and urban areas on the edge of the results to check out the laws governing the protection of intellectual property, made 36 presentations, 4 protest filed 74 cases of administrative violations, announced on 3 warnings disciplined attracted 6 persons.

Coordination Meeting noted that developed them should help the combined efforts of concerned departments to tackle the spread of fake products in the consumer market Stavropol.

The ordinance defines joint meeting of the problem of law enforcement agencies to intensify work in this direction. Decisions will be sent to authorities for execution.

The coordination meeting will also consider the status of the edge of law enforcement agencies to combat crime recidivism, to prevent and combat crimes economic focus, relating to the diversion of public bodies budgetary funds.

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