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South Korean businessmen to build Stavropol plant polyester fibers and PET granulator.

In the Stavropol region on June 29 South Korean businessmen delegation, which included President of Ain textiles "Park Jong-Guk, and the company" Korus-21 "E Yoon Chul ..

of the correspondent of IA REGNUM reported in the press service of the Governor of Stavropol. Companies offer to build on the territory of Stavropol plant for the production of polyester fibers and yarns for the textile industry, as well as PET granulator. These proposals were the subject of conversation with the governor of Stavropol businessmen Alexander Chernogorovym.

The two sides gave details on the business plan, the essence of which is to build in the Kirov district of modern plant to produce 200 tons per day PET granulator and 100 tons per day of polyester fiber-based the newly created LLC "Appleks.

This production is in high demand in the region with the bottle of mineral water, beverages, applied in the manufacture of cosmetics, in the textile industry, household chemicals, etc.

total cost of the project amounts to tens of millions of dollars. To that end, firms have already negotiated with several banks, such as the "Revival" and "Bank of Moscow." Its implementation would make the company otrasleobrazuyuschim in the region, which will give impetus to the development of the textile industry, creating hundreds of new jobs, as well as increased contributions to the budgets of different levels. Later anticipated deployment of support industries, including commodities. The region has for all of the necessary capacity.

Governor Alexander Montenegro drew the attention of businessmen on the possible organizational and legal forms and the anticipated timing of the project.

He was also interested in the problem of training qualified personnel for organized high-tech production, to be dealt with in parallel with the construction of the plant. He instructed the head of the Municipal Administration of Kirov Region Peter Kozhinu together with South Korean businessmen to examine the proposed construction site and help determine the final selection.

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