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Killer Zimina: judge or not judge?.

Police Moldavia, finally apprehended the suspect in the murder of NTV correspondent Ilya Zimin. The detention of a citizen of Moldova Igor Velcheva happened on the outskirts of the city Taraclia on the night of June 23.

Minister of the Interior of the country George Papuk who directed the operation, said that the 21-year-old moldovanin hiding in a private house.

Iskali long, and there has not been without «the hand of Moscow». As the journalists Press Secretary Office of Criminal Investigation GUVD of Moscow Alexei Bahromeev on the territory of Moldova distant location of the suspect found the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department.

«As it is, we were looking for, information about the possible residence of the suspect has been received by our employees. Operativniki 3rd Division of Criminal Investigation (Division for the disclosure of the killings, with strong public response) found several addresses, which could be Velchev. Recently we have given to Moldovan counterparts, these addresses, and tonight one of them and he was arrested », - said Representative Moore.

However, the state Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova Alla Meleka called the arrest Velcheva «operational success of the Moldovan authorities».

While previously appeared reports that the killer is not very much, and hiding.

It would seem that everything is going well. After some time, the detainee, even confessed to the murder of journalist NTV. According to the Acting Head of the Department of Operational Services Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova Nikolai Dobosh, Velchev confessed to murder in the course of the conversation, not interrogation. Under the current legislation in Moldova, the interrogation could be carried out only after receiving confirmation from Russia court that the detainee is suspected of murder.

As expected, after all necessary procedures Moldavia ekstradiruet Velcheva in Russia. This is confirmed and the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs: «After the Russian law enforcement agencies in Moldova genprokuraturu all necessary documents Velchev will be extradited to Russia». According to the head office until «he is only charged with forgery».

From NTV disappeared announcement of the reward for information on the murderer of journalist Zimina. Television has promised a million rubles to anyone who will give Velcheva.

But yesterday, the official Chisinau said that Russia is not going to give the alleged offender. Deputy head of the department of operational services, Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova Nikolai Dobosh said that «Igor Velchev would not be extradited to Russia». «Judge it will be in Moldova in accordance with international norms and Article 17 of the Constitution», - he said. First Deputy Prosecutor General of Moldova Valery Gurbulya explained that «there is international practice, when those acts are the detainee is brought before a court in the country of which he was extradited in such cases is prohibited by law in most countries».

Today, Moscow's prosecutor's office has sent documents to the Moldovan genprokuraturu of the indictment and arrest of correspondence Igor Velcheva, a suspect in the murder of NTV journalist Ilya Zimin.

«In connection with last night received official information from the Prosecutor General of Moldavia, it immediately sent the documents supporting the indictment Velchevu and the election of his measures to ensure the arrest», - said an official of the Moscow prosecutor's office Sergei Marchenko.

Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of Moldova Yuri Rosca, meanwhile, said on the radio station «Echo Moskvy»: «We would like to see such cases dealt with on the basis of legal norms, rather than pressure one side to another ». «It would be desirable to speak about this tragic event in the context of possible sanctions against Moldova Russia», - he added.

problem extradition begins to acquire political overtones, with a formal Chisinau.

And the press service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moldova is not sure where they will try Velcheva: «The question still not resolved».

seems great temptation to use the case of the murder of the journalist as a bargaining chip in the political game. But relatives and friends remain a memory mountain and dry accounts of the circumstances of death.

remind the body of Ilya Zimin was found in his Moscow apartment house on the street Akademika Koroleva the evening of 26 February 2006. The Public Prosecutor's Office instituted criminal proceedings under Article «intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm resulting in death by negligence».

Originally consequence inclined to release the journalists removed those to whom it had prevented its next inquiry. Then, however, the law enforcement capital said that the death Zimina was not the profession, and with the peculiarities of his personal life. At the same time the prosecutor's office identified the name of the suspect - a young native of Moldova Igor Velcheva, 1984, birth. On suspicion of murder Velchev was declared wanted.

According to the investigation, 25 February 2006 to about two hours the night Ilya Zimin was at a party in a club «Airplane», where he met with Velchevym.

Rather, Zimin has gone home already, along with casual acquaintances. According to the investigation, arrived in the Moldovan apartment Zimina, a quarrel broke out between men, and a night guest scored journalist to death.

journalist Zimin began his professional path at GTRK «Vladivostok», in 1995, was boss of Far East bureau NTV. Since 2000, worked in Moscow on the NTV television channel, and then on TV-6, FA and then back on NTV, which has recently been one of the leading programs «Occupation reporter», as well as a leading author and documentary films from the series «Recent History ». In 2002, he became the winner of «TEFI» in nomination «The best television».

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