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Piketchiki in Piatigorsk hoping to help the representative of the Office of the President of Irina Kudrin.

The resolution of the conflict over building the park in the city of Komsomolsk Pyatigorsk, Stavropol region include a representative from the Office of the President of Russia on environmental issues Irina Kudrin.

She arrived the previous day in the resort town, where they met with the head of protest committee, secretary of the Communist Party city of Pyatigorsk Galina Sushko, and visited the place up.

This was reported by a correspondent of IA REGNUM Galyna Sushko. She also added that the residents of the area white Romashka, where the park, hoping to help Moscow's representative in resolving the conflict. Today, 21 June, the protesters met with representatives of local authorities on the same subject.

As previously reported, on 20 June at the Komsomolsk Park Pyatigorsk (Stavropol Territory) was the fourth rally of protest against building a park zone.

He, as always, organized by the city branch of the Communist Party. It involved mostly white residents of the region Romashka, where the park.

Participants in the meeting put forward a number of requirements. First, to recognize the illegal reconstruction Komsomolsky park Pyatigorsk. Secondly, the move to the city prosecutor's office to institute criminal proceedings for the destruction of unique plants in the park area ", - said Galina Sushko. According to her, in Komsomolsky Park were planted unique plants, which are now being cut down mercilessly, and on nights out of the park. This is a maple, birch, lime, blue spruce and other trees. "In the third, to publish in detail the plan for reconstruction," - continued the Representative Committee. According to her figures, now are under construction in the park area cafes and restaurants, and to plan reconstruction planned the construction of 42 coffee shops. "In the fourth, to hold a referendum among local residents to consent to the reconstruction of the park area. And until a court decision to stop construction ", - said Galina Sushko.

As previously reported, the results of the previous meeting June 19 decision of the city administration-resort construction in Komsomolsk Park suspended for 10 days.

to a meeting with the protest committee said the resort city, the acting head of the local administration Paul Mineev. Then about 300 people blocked the prospect Kalinina.

conflict began in 2001, when entrepreneurs were allocated plots of land in the zone Komsomolsky Park.

In 2005, residents were able to ensure that the construction was frozen, but the spring of 2006, it resumed. From that moment began pickets of local residents. According to the results of the meeting on 3 May, piketchiki wrote asking to halt building in the name of the State Duma of Russia, Vladimir Katrenko Kavminvodskogo district. However, the construction of houses has not stopped. Then, during a rally June 12, residents of the White daisies demolished several fences in the areas of construction, created a protest committee and sent to President of the Russian Federation, as well as provincial and municipal legislative and executive authorities of the requirements to end up.

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