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June 30, held a hearing in the case of directors stroykompanii "Lighthouse" (Stavropol Territory).

Consideration of the merits of criminal case OOO "Construction Company" Mayak "Alexander Serebryakova over 178 co-deception is scheduled for 30 June.

Relevant decree was issued in the Leninsky District Court of Stavropol 22 June on the basis of the preliminary hearing. This correspondent IA REGNUM informed the press secretary of Leninsky district court in Stavropol, Inessa Semiletova. The court also decided "to extend the detention period to Alexander Serebryakovu until the criminal trial on the merits.

Alexander Serebryakov charged under Part 3, Article 4. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud, committed by a person using his official position in a particularly large amount), h. h. 3,4 st. 160 of the Criminal Code (misappropriation and embezzlement), paragraph "b" part 3 of Article. 165 Criminal Code (causing damage to property by deception in especially large size), ch.1 art. 201 Criminal Code (abuse of authority), section "b" part 3 of Article. 174-1 CCRF (legalization (laundering) of money or other property acquired by a person as a result of his crimes on a large scale, using his official position), Part 1, Art. 330 Criminal Code (self).

believes consequence, Serebryakov, being the sole founder and general director of both companies to build houses in the city of Stavropol.

He concluded treaties shares of housing with several dolschikami at the same apartment, with each of them money as payment for contracts.

The funds Serebriakov abducted and used in its sole discretion. In addition, some co-laundering, he did not refer to accounting to reflect in the accounts, and prisvaival and spend at their discretion. Total Serebriakov, as the consequence, deceived 178 co, causing them damage totaling more than 90 million rubles.

Through the stolen funds Serebriakov bought in Stavropol apartment by taking out a contract of sale for his mother, and then entered into a contract with the donation, according to which the apartment free of charge passed in its property.

As co-founder and general director of both "Construction Company" Bridge ", Serebriakov in violation of City Code and the rules for protection of lines and structures of the Russian Federation, not having the full set of permits to building a house without written approval and call the representative of the Open Joint Stock Company "Southern Telecommunications Company, in charge of the construction and cable lines on the streets 50 years VLKSM in Stavropol, began construction of multistory apartment house in the security zone of the cable connection. The result was trench wall collapse, causing damage to the linear cable communications facilities owned by JSC "SPC".

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