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For half a month in the Rostov region have drowned 40 people. By mid-June

43 of the 327 beaches of mass recreation in the Rostov region have a work permit.

The statement was made deputy head of Russia's Emergency Nikolay Rostov region Chornovil in telephone conference on human security at water facilities in the Rostov obladministratsii, transmits correspondent IA REGNUM.

Only one city - Volgodonsk was fully prepared for the beginning of beach season.

In Konstantinovsky, Semikarakorskom, Salskom, Bagaevskom areas, cities Novocherkassk Novoshahtinske, Taganrog and other locations did not open any of the beach. In Rostov permission to open did not receive the three mass recreation.

In the past year, the waters of the Rostov region killed 191 people, among them 22 children. This month, despite the fact that the swimming season is just beginning, drowning more than 40 people, including 5 children.

As the chairman of the commission for the prevention and elimination of emergency situations - zam.gubernatora area Victor Usachev, many heads of governments are still not aware of the responsibilities entrusted to them by law on local self-government in ensuring the safety of people on the water. For the first time this year the budget of the area of setting up places for swimming, the creation of salvation, the prohibitive and information boards and posters urban and rural settlements earmarked more than 4 million rubles. Thus far, however, money is not exploited in most municipalities are not taken legal documents and plans for the preparation of mass recreation of citizens.

In the area now has more than 100 orphan hydraulic structures.

The meeting heard reports administrations Aksajskogo, Kamensky, Millerovskogo, Belokalitvinskogo areas, the city Novocherkassk. Until July 10, heads of municipalities should have completed work on the owners of orphan water and water, to report on the use of allocated budget, check the rest mass of people.

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