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Work on the master plan started in Stavropol in the city center.

There are currently preparing a detailed project plan a central part of the city of Stavropol.

It was reported on 13 June at a meeting of the city administration head of the department of architecture Stavropol city Stavropol Peter Markatun, told the correspondent of IA REGNUM in the press service of the regional administration center.

drafting of professionals involved in the establishment of architecture and urban planning at the Ministry of Housing Construction and Architecture in the Stavropol region.

It will include all town-planning decisions taken earlier, and display the full three-spatial picture of the central district of the city.

project the city center provides preferential placement of administrative, business and service of the regional and the city, developed a set of services, reconstruction and improvement of neighborhoods, demolition of dilapidated and obsolete stock, creating new pedestrian squares and streets, restoration, reconstruction and upgrading of cultural and historical monuments, the device multilevel parking temporary accommodation car underground garage - parking, landscaping point improvement yards.

To create a well-central part of the city planned to set aside for administrative and public area of the central part of plots for construction of new administrative and public buildings, create a new regional community center at the intersection of streets and Komsomolskaya Goleneva , located in the central part of multi-dwelling houses, with a comprehensive service, parking. In the administrative area of representation - obschegorodskom center, a large modern building complexes. New architectural and planning decisions are subject to the conservation of historical buildings composite formed groups and the main objects of the spatial structure - squares and boulevards. For these purposes, proposed reconstruction 78, 79, 80, 81, 82 quarters in the east and south.

development of historical and cultural zones should include the restoration of the lost image of the historic buildings.

Socio-Cultural Center "mountain fortress, with the monuments and established ensembles of buildings, should be considered as a monument to urban development, which must work hard to limit claims of security and regulatory areas. The proportion of residential buildings in a residential area of maintenance should be 30% of the total number of buildings. Much of the residential houses should be an individual, multifamily, hotel and apartment type. All the old, accidental, not the historic homes, built 20-30 years, will be demolished. In the neighborhoods of central zone will be reconstructed with the demolition of low-rise housing.

Recreation and sports area, where the stadium "Dinamo", and Park Central ", is a - an open, nezastroennoe space with a great aesthetic and functional capacity.

Research and Education Area - the sum of the prevailing systems of higher education: the Medical Academy, Stavropol State University, the Agricultural Academy, the military high school.

Business zone - directly adjacent to the first administrative and representational zone (Street them. M. Zhukov and Lenin). In this area there are commercial institutions and banks.

Commercial and business zones will be located at the intersection of Prospect and Karl Marx Street. Goleneva (Lower Market), as well as on the streets of Pushkin and Lermontov (Upper Market).

In areas of city administration, public and business centers will be located representational buildings, building regional and urban administration, cultural, social and business facilities, including wide and federal highways, with the deployment of them in the "castle mountain" for the stadium "Dynamo and to the streets of Lenin.

Roads on Prospect Street to Karl Marx. M. Zhukov, on a street. Soviet and street. Artema street reconstruction. Dzerzhinsky increase the capacity of motorways in the east. In planning and building in the center of the four multi-car capacity 1240 seats. Street. Komsomolskaya and K. Hetagurova in place a one-dilapidated housing to be construction of multi-housing complexes and facilities sotskultbyta. In total, will be built around 602.5 thousand square kilometers. m. of floor space.

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