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One-utopia at low interest.

Dmitry Medvedev for the first time reported to the President on the implementation of national projects. Vladimir Putin was interested in the progress in the construction of affordable housing, but it turned out that there is nothing to brag.

failures of the first vice-premier svalil to medlitelnyh corrupt builders and regional authorities.

meeting of the Council on the implementation of priority national projects on Thursday, many were waiting with impatience. It was the first time a report on its work for six months before the president was to report the first Vice Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, perebroshenny to the government of the presidential administration on this sensitive area.

Knowing that the head of state likes to criticize provinivshihsya artists, first vice-premier has decided to immediately secure tyly: «Make, of course, a lot of work has only just begun, but we will try to do it with quality and efficiency ». And added that «the basic elements of project management in place, a legal framework».

Reports on the results in the field of agriculture and education president listened, without any criticism in the first place because the report was not about. But the project «Affordable Housing» president paid close attention. It is no accident: the problems of the people's mortgage lending and construction of affordable housing is considered to be one of the key in his message.

Poradovav listeners original sententsiey that «housing should be available to all categories of citizens of Russia», Medvedev said that he «seems promising low-rise housing construction». «We plan to make adjustments to the legislation with a view to building such housing», - emphasized the First Vice-by specifying that, as long as it did the pilot project. Another option, which would create a housing «affordable for young families and military personnel who acquire it through government subsidies», Medvedev referred to the mortgage, then gave the data, according to which the amount of new mortgage loans in 2007 will be 116 billion rubles. «We are witnessing a growing momentum in matters relating to mortgage the population», - noted the official.

But data provided by the rapporteur does not inspire confidence. According to the diagram shown, the number of mortgage loans increased by 6.1 times.

«This lukavaya figure», - did not accept the president.

«The growth of this show since 2004. A national project which actually work? From 1 January of the year? From 1 January this year. Attention: from 2004 to 2005 increased from 18.5 to 56.3 billion rubles. And now, when the project, we have to 56,3 to 116.5 billion rubles growth. The growth of less than 2004 to 2005. Growth in mortgage loans issued by less than in the period when our project did not work ».

heavy blow to the vice-premier and caused the head of Vneshtorgbank Andrei Kostin, who said that today many people in need of housing, and does «waive mortgage, because they can not find them shelter ustraivayuschee».

«At Moscow last year, 30% of citizens who were entitled to a loan from Vneshtorgbank, abandoned him because they do not like the conditions of housing, this year the number had increased Up to 50% », - estimated Costin.

turns out, that exactly after the Government decided to address affordable housing, it is so sharply, as it has become unaffordable for the majority.

truth, and Medvedev, and after him, Putin assured that the reason for the deficit of apartments - the lack of construction and resistance from local authorities. «The subject of speculation in land bank - the situation ugly. What is proposed? Consider limiting the timing of the lease », - said the first vice-premier. The President, the idea immediately agreed: «Indeed, to obtain permission for the construction extremely difficult, too, all zabyurokracheno and corrupt», - he said. «To a legal way to get a permit, required months, literally hundreds of thousands of rubles. This is absolutely unacceptable if we are to develop the construction », - otchityval assembly president. After that, demanded that the authorized representatives of the federal districts «to address these issues as they do in their time together with the prosecutors and the judicial system, along with bringing regional and local regulations in line with current federal law».

And the head of Vneshtorgbank, without waiting to complete the process, said the intention of banks «invest their funds in the construction, as construction materials and techniques». However, in response to the appeal of «more and cheaper to build» Andrei Kostin was immediately click on the president, who stressed that it would be a good idea and the banks to lend to builders cheap. «The price depends on the acceptable level of bank loans allocated for these purposes», - said the president.

Experts ideas sounded in the discussion natsproekta not seem to be unfounded. The question, as always, in the implementation. «Low-Rise Building - it is a normal project, so the whole world lives - said the independent expert Andrew Beketov. - Yes, in the cities to do this seriously, and in the regions - really ». Bank investment in production capacity actually will increase the supply of housing.

«The money is there, but the president has spoken many times about the effectiveness of their use».

«And the banks themselves should be confident that the investment will be spent on production, rather than going somewhere Offshore», - warns Beketov.

Text: Mikhail Krasnov

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