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Tamplierov expelled from China.

The film В«Da Vinci CodeВ» removed from China's rolled to a paradoxical phrase: you free up space to Chinese films.

Chinese government sent in cinemas on Thursday ordered to stop showing the film В«Da Vinci CodeВ». Reasons mysterious: do this in order to make room for Chinese cinema. This is the first in China's case, when the Government ceases to hire already approved by the censorship of films.

Copies will be recalled, moreover, members of the Chinese media should not write anything about this, and if not to mention the film in the press. The ban will come into force on Friday - the last day today, when one could see this movie.

Chinovnitsa to which dozvonilsya journalist AP, did not name his own behalf and had no comment on the situation - she does not have the right to do so. On condition of anonymity, she said that, most likely, the decision was made because the authorities did not wish success to the controversial film.

thing is that В«Da Vinci CodeВ» has all chances to become the most commercially successful film in the history of Chinese cinema .

quite numerous (in China there is nothing smaller) Christian minorities in China were cautious protests against the film, which despite the canons argued that Christ had children, that his descendants ruled France and survived to the present day.

В«What can we say? We are very disappointed - told the Los Angeles Times, Jeff Blake, head of global marketing and distribution company Sony. - The good news is that we have already done a good business В».

Business did get good. The film was launched in China in 400 theaters on May 19 and has collected over the past three weeks, $ 13 million in the first three being the most commercially successful feature films in China. In the first place is В«TitanicВ» - the first foreign movie shown in China in the wide rolling. He collected $ 45 million about 13 million collected also В«Pearl HarborВ».

As in the world, В«Da Vinci CodeВ» fairly won in China from the scandal, which was surrounded by a film before the premiere. In the first week, he has collected about $ 5 million - more than any other film in the history of China.

However, managers of Sony lost not so much: an interest in the film fell. It is interesting to others. Reasons for the Chinese government - to release a place for Chinese films - not as absurd as it seems at first glance. That is, of course, is scheduled for Friday, Chinese Premier cartoon В«Ice Age: global warmingВ», and other films are also in China. Moreover, the DVD cost $ 1 to buy in principle, almost any movie. But in the Chinese office at the same time could be no more than twenty foreign films with limited number of copies. This restriction - a reason for the frustration of the world's distribution company, but so far with him nothing could be done.

In any case, it is strange to ascribe the decision to support China's desire of Catholics in their fight against heresy and idiocy.

Party appoints bishops, not having consulted with the Holy See - which the case before the movie, which is already three weeks is in the office?

Not to mention the book: only legitimate copies sold in the Chinese translation of the country run of 1.2 million copies.

Text: Semyon Kvasha

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