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At Stavropol planned annual growth of industrial production by 20%.

The State Duma of the Stavropol region at the meeting adopted guidelines for the development of industrial policy at the edge of 2006 - 2010 he was ..

According to news agency REGNUM in the regional parliament approved sending include doubling of the domestic regional product in 5 years.

To this end, provincial authorities to ensure an annual growth rate of industrial production in the region for at least 15 - 20%.

This can not be achieved without investment, the creation of new production facilities, introduction of advanced technologies.

At the meeting of the regional parliament, it was recommended that the Government of Stavropol to focus on the work of the rural population. This is especially kachaetsya residents of the eastern regions of Stavropol Territory.

The deputies also appealed to the problem of land tax, which for various reasons, still can not become a significant source of revenue for the budgets of municipalities. Talking about the Land Tax, the deputies have raised another problem, which might soon become a serious threat. This is the land shares to their owners - former kolhozniki workers farms and other rural residents - opted to lease, not later revise on the requirements of Russian legislation. Under current law, such land is not dedicated to a particular part, from 28 January 2007, transferred to asset management lessee. In practice, this may cause the loss of its owners. The "risk" is now a significant part of rural landowners, as well as all the rules of their shares registered very few. People elected Stavropol has already sent to the Federal Parliament of the legislative initiative, which aims at changing the situation, and intend to continue to contribute to solving the problems in the interests of the inhabitants of the province.

The meeting was endorsed by the law on foster care for orphans and children left without parental care, which sets out additional forms of education of children by their reference to a foster family.

According to deputies, is to some extent to reduce the number of Stavropol in orphanages, and will boost the moral and psychological climate in children left without parents, but found new ones.

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