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After two days of showing cinema Stavropol refused to show "Da Vinci Code."

After two days of the film "Da Vinci Code" movie "Salute" Stavropol city abandoned it for further viewing.

of the correspondent of IA REGNUM reported in a cinema. The screening was held on 6 and 7 June. However, the 8 th, he stopped. It should be noted that other theaters initially refused the regional center of the film, and "Cheers" was made only for his show.

Now Stavropol residents will not be able to see this movie in cinemas, although the opportunity to buy a version of the movie discs and video cassettes in Stavropol appeared for a long time.

so that all people wishing to see the scandalous picture could easily see it.

Commenting on the refusal of cinemas showing the film, Bishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkazsky Feofan said: "In the current context of the refusal of hire is in no way restricts the rights of those who want to get acquainted with this film. They can always do so individually.

At the same time, a massive show of openly antihristianskogo film leads to an increase in tension and confrontation in our society, as has happened in connection with the so-called "karikaturnym scandal." This is a correspondent of IA REGNUM reported in the Stavropol diocese.

"Refusal to show" Da Vinci Code "has become a sign of maturity of our society and respect for the rights of believers", - said the Bishop.

its negative position on this issue recently also openly expressed figures science, culture and education of the North Caucasus, the heads of the media. In particular, referring to the city Stavropol, Bishop Feofan noted that the film was shot in the book of "offending the religious feelings of Christians around the world, representatives of other traditional religions. His Holiness, Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II praised the film" Da Vinci Code " , as an expression of contempt for traditional morality, disguised as defense of freedom. "

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