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At Stavropol entire issued 188 mortgage loans to 102,4 million rubles.

The development of mortgage lending and construction of affordable housing in the Stavropol region was discussed at the June 7 meeting, the board in the Ministry of housing and communal services, construction and architecture of the province.

of the correspondent of IA REGNUM reported in the press service of the Ministry. Deputy Director General SUE SC "My House" Vladimir Zenchenko told that by 2010 Russia plans to increase the volume of mortgage loans granted by 20 times, while the interest rate should be reduced to 8%.

on the territory of the Stavropol region, among others the implementation of this direction is actively engaged in the State Unitary Enterprise Stavropol "My House", which today is a regional operator of a federal program mortgage lending in the territory province.

"The conditions of the loan, are constantly changing, - said Vladimir Zenchenko - Two years ago, the interest rate was 15%, for periods of up to 27 years in the past year - 14%, valid until 30 years old, an initial contribution of at least 30% of the value of the apartment.

Since January 2006, the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending "introduced differentiated rates on mortgage loans, depending on the sum of the initial fee and the length of the loan. The loan is granted for up to 30 years age limit - up to 75 years. Down payment can now be 10 to 70%, depends on the interest rate - from 12% per annum. Loan size from 100 rubles to 4 million rubles. "

As of June 1, 2006, in the Stavropol Territory issued just 188 mortgage loans, or loans totaling 102.4 million rubles.

the minimum loan amount of 113 thousand rubles, and the maximum - 2 730 thousand rubles. The average loan amount - 545 thousand rubles. The average share of credit in the price of the apartment - 59%. Of the 188 residential facilities acquired 7% - are living at home, 93% - apartments, including: - 30% - one, 39% - double, 26% - three, 5% - four. The average cost of 1 sq. km. meters in 2004-2006 ranged from 15 to 18 thousand rubles. The average age of borrowers - 30-40 years. Wants to buy housing on the state program of mortgage lending becomes more and more.

Before SUE SC "My House" is now facing challenges - to increase the number of mortgages issued by prime lenders with a sufficient amount of working capital, to participate jointly with the Ministry of Housing in the construction of affordable housing in the region , to facilitate the introduction of corporate mortgage programs.

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