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Kharkiv otbil Russian.

Russian language does become regional in Kharkiv region. President of Ukraine intends to challenge such decisions on all Russian-speaking regions.

uperlis MPs, however, all the more so because of their support, several thousand supporters of the Russian language. At the same time want to terminate the appointment of the Governor of Kharkov.

On Saturday, the Kharkiv regional council voted for the imposition of standards on the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages in relation to the Russian language in the region, that is, giving the Russian language the status of a regional. The decision endorsed the 107 council members, 24 - were opposed, 4 more MPs abstained. The Board explained the legality of its decision that the law of Ukraine В«On ratification of the European Charter for Regional or Minority LanguagesВ», adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 15 May 2003, the charter is part of national law.

В«We have not set any status of Russian language - said the deputy Oblast Council of the Party of Regions, Vladimir Alekseev. - He was already there after the ratification of the Charter of the Verkhovna Rada В».

At the same basis of the Russian language is already recognized as a regional Lugansk, Donetsk and Nicholas oblsovety, as well as gorsovety Sevastopol, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Yalta and Lugansk. According to the decision of the deputies in those cities and areas of the Russian language can be used alongside the state, that is, a Ukrainian, В«as the language of work, equipment, documentation and public relations, government and public bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations, as well as education, science and culture В».

In addition, the deputies of Kharkiv Regional Council decided to declare June 6 (the birthday of Alexander Pushkin) Day of Russian language in the Kharkov region.

Calls deputies from the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc and the В«Our UkraineВ» do not vote for the imposition of standards on the territory of the Charter Oblast Council not heard. A member of the В«Our UkraineВ» Oleg Shapovalov recalled that according to the findings of the legal department of Kharkiv Regional Administration, the Oblast Council has no authority to take decisions on language issues. In addition, the eve of Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko instructed genprokurature appealed to the courts, all the existing solutions on the status of regional councils for the Russian language, as well as В«the language issue was solely the purview of the Verkhovna RadaВ».

Despite these arguments, the Kharkiv Regional Council met expectations supporters of the Party of Regions and the Russian language, gathered on Saturday by the thousands for a rally near the Oblast Council.

Participants in the rally in a few hours prostoyali with white and blue flags at the local Liberty Square.

In addition to recognition of Russian regional, they demanded the resignation of governor of the Kharkiv region Arsen Avakov. The issue on Saturday to consider the deputies - a claim came from 11 local organizations and parties. Incidentally, in the words of one member of the Party of Regions Lyubov Chub, support pro-Russian in Kharkiv and was Viktor Yanukovych.

But, according to Chub, Yanukovych is not got to the rally, as the aircraft on board which he was, В«not fired from the airport in Kiev for unknown reasonsВ».

At the rally came and opponents of giving the Russian language the status of a regional. They also gathered near the building Oblast Council on Freedom Square, but with the orange flags and posters «Avakov, we are with you». The protesters proshlos share ËÏÒÄÏÎÁÍÉ police.

As the local media, the Avakov spoke to his supporters, after which a song В«Okean ElzyВ» В«Do not ydi from meneВ» left the building Oblast Council to report to the deputies of the socio-economic status of the Kharkov region. According to Ukrainian news agencies, Kharkiv Oblast Council is going to express distrust headed the regional administration in the afternoon on Saturday.

Text: Semen Stoliarov

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