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Near Rostov-on-Don, Russia began construction of the center "Mega-IKEA" worth $ 100 million.

Swedish IKEA began to implement its project near Rostov-on-Don, in Aksayskom area.

In a solemn laying the first stone in the foundation of buildings on 30 May attended Rostov Governor Vladimir Chub, Economics Minister of Foreign Economic Relations of the field Victor Deryabkin, head of the district Aksajskogo Borzenko Vitali, director of IKEA Russia and Ukraine, Mr. Per Kaufmann, transmits news agency REGNUM correspondent .

In accordance with the concept of the project, the construction of the complex in an area set aside Aksayskom area along the federal highway M-4 the total area of 300 thousand square meters.

Project area shopping mall - 121 thousand square meters, including store IKEA - 24 thousand square meters, supermarket - tys.kvadratnyh 10 meters, "DIY" -12,5 thousand square meters, shops - 40 thousand square meters, technical and other facilities - 34,5 thousand square meters. Built shopping center is to visit the 10-15 million people a year.

total investment in the construction of the complex will be $ 100 million.

Opening the construction of the shopping center, Rostov Governor Vladimir Chub said that the center has given impetus to the development of communal infrastructure Aksajskogo area and Rostov. Firstly, taking into account the needs of mega-centers will be increased capacity of treatment facilities in Aksai - this from the regional budget planned 100 million rubles. Another 20 million rubles region will send to improve energy construction site. Gas transmission Kovalevka-growth, which passes through the area allocated for the construction of the complex will be closed and the gas will have a bypass of the shopping center.

In addition, at the expense of the federal budget will be expanded plot trails M-4, which will be located near the center of Rostov IKEA, from 4 to 6 lanes.

In turn, the Swedish company will need to build a gate to the complex on the part of the route: it will overpass or tunnel. Director IKEA in Russia and Ukraine, Mr. Per Kaufmann stone laying ceremony for the construction of the shopping center said that the implementation of such projects in Russia requires the will and understanding from the authorities, and in the Rostov region is understood the company has found.

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