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Rostov "gaishnikov did not strike, but blamed.

Assistant Attorney Rostov region Galina Gagalaeva confirmed correspondent IA REGNUM, that with respect to police officers, in particular, the traffic police, in the Rostov region committing wrongful acts.

However, unlike the recent attack on the traffic police inspector in Moscow, Rostov attack policemen, mostly operate power of speech. Gagalaeva gave examples of recent cases of attacks on policemen.

the territory Martynovskogo area for 4 months of 2006 was 6 of crimes committed against law enforcement officers.

"victims" of crimes were on foot patrol policemen and an inspector for minors.

Martynovskogo District Prosecutor's Office in mid-May had completed an investigation of criminal case on charges of Alexander Grechko. While the influence of alcohol, driving a car, Grechko elektrooporu knocked down power lines, escaped from the accident and hid the car in the garage of their friends.

While police have found the owner of the machine in the cafe. To give an explanation about the police of his accident, he refused and began to insult netsenzurno policemen, while on the job. In comments from the police he did not respond, and it was decided dostavlenii his stand-in part. By way of ATS Martynovskogo area they were in addition to insults and threats against the militia, one of them, he broke uniform jacket. On arrival the district prosecutor's office employee's behavior immediately changed Grechko filmed on video performance.

prosecutor's office described actions by car st.318 ch.1 CCRF (the use of violence against authority) and st.319 the Criminal Code (insult to the authorities).

measure offender was elected subscription arrest and proper behavior.

At present, the preliminary investigation is completed, the case sent to court for consideration on the merits. In March 2006, entered into legal force of the sentence imposed by resident Kamensky District for insulting traffic police officers. For insulting the inspectors road battalion Sergei Nazarov and Hrachik Petrossian at 352 kilometer highway Kamensk-Volgograd driver Niva-Chevrolet G.A Arapov was punishable by a fine of 20 thousand rubles.

on 7 April 2005 car failed to stop at the request of the inspectors and screamed at them several rugatelstv.V headquarters road posting where Arapova - so then he delivered a long wrestle, scandal continued. Following the prosecutor's office investigator Kamensk Rostov region checking against Arapova was prosecuted under article 319 of the Criminal Code (public insult to a government official in the performance of their duties or in connection with their execution).

And in the course of the investigation, and during the trial the defendant denied his guilt, said none of the militiamen are not insulted. However, witnesses claimed the opposite.

Court recognized Arapova guilty of a crime under article 319 of the Criminal Code, and sentenced him to a fine of 20 thousand rubles.

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