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In Volgograd, a brothel covered with "mature" prostitutes.
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Rostovchane damaged computer corporations for 15 million dollars.

Rostov Region Prosecutor's Office completed its investigation and sent to court a criminal case into the acquisition, transport, storage, to marketing and sales of counterfeit copies of works, as well as illicit trade in pornographic videos.

As news agency REGNUM in the press service oblprokuratury, in committing the crimes charged two people: a mother and son Shilova (name changed), both formerly held criminally responsible and had been convicted of such crimes. In September last year, the court appointed them to 2-year suspended sentence.

Despite the conviction, they have continued to engage in criminal activities.

Through the Internet, they ordered and purchased counterfeit products. Then, in his car was sent from Moscow carrying counterfeit products to places of temporary storage and marketing. Sold kontrafakt and pornography, and they hired realizatorov.

Pi searches of their homes seized over 25 000 pieces of counterfeit compact and "DVD" - the disc.

Izyataya counterfeit goods in the form of CD-ROMs with software and multimedia products are counterfeit software products, exclusive copyrights that belong to such campaigns as "Vorner Brothers," " Universal, Paramount, ZAO Soyuz Video, Inc. "Close-up, Microsoft, Autodesk and others. During the raid had been seized a personal computer system unit, through which Shilova implement order products via the Internet and were recorded.

According to the investigation, Shilovyh actions caused damage to Microsoft and Autodesk for the sum of over 15 million rubles, more than 279 thousand rubles damage occurred kinokompaniyam "Warner Brothers' , Universal, Paramount, ZAO Soyuz Video, Inc. "Close Up" and others.

Actions rostovchan Procuratorate charged under several articles of the Criminal Code: "the illegal acquisition, storage, transportation of counterfeit copies of works for sale by a group of persons by prior agreement, in particular large-scale, as well as large-scale, illegal trade in pornographic videos, as well as "an attempt on the illicit trade in pornographic videos."

Selected accused measure - into custody.

At present, the criminal case referred to the Court of Railway area of Rostov-on-Don, for consideration on the merits.

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