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Savage face of consumerism.

Passed premiere cartoon В«Forest bratvaВ». Americans of В«Dream WorksВ» again obstavili Americans from В«DisneyВ», making a movie about animals that steal the trash box.

В«Forest bratvaВ» solemn sounds, but it is a company of defenseless animals who were on the brink of extinction after the people left their forest Piglet decorative greenery amidst cottage village. The species composition of the population is typical for the American countryside - raccoon, beaver, possum, skunk, and being affiliated with them integriceps - not ninjas, and timidly to the substance of mad trogatelnom costume-shell. In the wild fauna of the United States does not fit, but it takes the important leadership roles on zagotovleniyu stores.

animals live peacefully in a large koryage, summer is stored in a nuts-berries, in the same sleep and for the time being which, together with the bucolic scenery model closed ecosystem of the channel В«Enimal Planet В». While the landscape is not the place vodruzhayut stay closed cornucopia - the trash box.

With the advent of tank begins complicated animals to become a heavenly sweets consumerism - pampers, nagetsam and chipsam with emulsifiers: the main intrigue of В«Forest bratvyВ», in general, is speaking.

This story, of course, could happen anywhere, why do not we, as amended, at a Moscow fauna - opossumov, skunsov and raccoon dogs to replace ezhikov, Zaichikov and protein (however, the protein in the movie, too, have one). Cherepashku call to voice Valery Zolotukhin, hedgehog - Sergei Makovetsky, and the bear - Stas Baretskogo (for kosolapogo the Americans smachno hripit Nick Nolti - alas, only in the original version in a foreign language) - and here you vorovskoe Middle brotherhood with more exact match the names of the contents. True, living fence around the cottage settlement will povydergivat, substituting for neestetichny concrete fence with barbed wire and video surveillance systems. And the rest, perhaps, everything will remain absolutely the same: mistress of the cottage will be cut to «leksuse», perk, to work in the Bush administration and filled trash container at the same waste that its American counterpart, the benefit of «ÒÁÍÓÔÏÒÙ» to «Hachani» on world, too, about the same.

Actually reading of allegorical and crafty projects (for children interested in animals, adults - the people who cheat a box-office will be first and foremost they are) - just anyone, and responsible.

Therefore, the list of star voices have, as a rule, is a separate intrigue in dublirovannoy version ischezayuschuyu completely. The same easy rider ErDzhey - smart raccoon that whole movie teaches animal umykat food from kladovok and refrigerators. His voice called Goshu Kutsenko, rightly considering В«antikilleraВ» Bruce Willis local bottling (well, not Menshikova as his voice, in the end, though Menshikov, of course, spitting raccoon). But ... Willis sounds in В«BratveВ» as a publicity agent, vparivayuschy plebeyam corn chips with cheese filling - the same will be heard and Kutsenko, but Krepkogo Oreshka for the native language was not there and did not seem to have foreseen.

Finally, colleagues of Bruce Willis - Bear Nick Nolti tineydzherskaya and Canadian pop star Avril Lavigne, lepechuschaya for his wife opossuma. There is no need to have a great imagination to make a zverinyh pohozhdeny this man movie, which Willis plays a small mazurika, Nolti - the local authority, Lavin - vzrosleyuschuyu luzershu and where Willis and Lavin organize OPG for robbery and robbery in an affluent American suburb, before working on Nolti thieves dolzhok. And this is what will turn out from this history by running a Baretskogo, Kutsenko and Akinshina - imagination is better not to test.

But to hell with comparative cultural studies: В«Dream WorksВ» did an excellent, witty and funny product, much better than last year's В«MadagascarВ», wiser than Disney В«Great TravelВ» and seems to be ugly than succeeding В«CarsВ» from В«PiksaraВ». The best choice this weekend.

Text: Vadim Zelbin

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