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Russia-Germany: ice touched.

In Tomsk culminated big dialogue of Russia and Germany, with the participation of leaders Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel, both the Cabinet and the entire team of businessmen.

results of the summit were important agreements, including in the energy sector.

Annual meeting of the two governments - both have called the current Russian-German consultations. But apart from key ministers in Tomsk have gathered hundreds of businessmen and three of the highest caliber. That is, those who form the GDP of both countries. Day of talks - and the eight agreements, which are capable of doubling the trade turnover between Russia and Germany.

head of Gazprom Alexei Miller could not resist, and even embraced the head of the group BASF Jurgen Hambrehta.

Recently they signed a historic agreement under which Germany will be entitled to participate in the development of southern gas fields, and Russia - the opportunity to distribute and transport gas to Europe.

"This is a very serious project, designed for many years - Vladimir Putin commented on the deal. - Annual production could reach 25 billion cubic meters of gas. and production will last for 30 years . I am very pleased to note that changing the quality of our interaction. It is not just a partnership, but a truly strategic. "

"We in Europe, in Germany, today held discussions on the theme that we need natural resources to provide electricity in our global world.

This was extensive and too long the subject of debate. It is therefore good that Germany and Russia have signed a number of agreements between the companies, for example, the agreement between Gazprom and BASF ", - Angela Merkel added.

German journalist then asked: you sign a big agreement with Germany, a day before said that looking for other markets outside Europe, please tell us why.

Vladimir Putin explained - too often in Europe recently to talk about a certain dependence on Russia: "Even with the Cold War and the confrontation of two systems that are actually on balansirovali the brink of World War II, nuclear, Russia, when the Soviet Union, always on time, date, day, hour to hour provided through commercial contracts of all its partners in Europe. So what, what are the fears we say today? Why fostered this fear to excessive dependence on Russia Today, the situation in the world fundamentally changed? And we constantly hear about any over-reliance on Russia, that it would be worthwhile to restrict the access of Russian energy supplies to the European market. But you get us something, stand up our position. When we continually hear the same thing, we begin to perceive it as a threat to restrict access to the markets and beginning to look for others. When we come - it is investment and globalization, as if we are going somewhere to come - it is already expanding Russian companies. We must once agree on common rules of behavior. "

Talking about the upcoming meeting of Group of Eight in St. Petersburg, where the main theme - energy security, they remembered about Chernobyl, particularly about how this is not allowed.

"Yesterday I spoke with the President of Ukraine, Mr Yushchenko is also on this issue. We remember this sad date - the tragedy of Chernobyl - told Putin. - By the way, I would like to note that the international community, despite repeated promises to help Ukraine, almost nothing in this area is not. We agreed that we think together we can do on a bilateral level with Ukraine in this direction. "

Iranian topic was also impossible to circumvent. The head of the IAEA will soon make a presentation on the situation in Iran. Views of the President and the Chancellor virtually coincided.

"This is not to prohibit the use of the country to civil nuclear energy - said Merkel - and that need to adhere to the commitments and agreements. Perhaps, in This record will once again clearly stated. "

At the end of a press conference a journalist "the Independent newspaper said that tormented her colleagues about that night:" I know that you have three hours yesterday at the restaurant had a can Are you tell? "

"You watched us? - surprised the president. - We had a really long time, and as far as I know, Mrs. Federal Chancellor liked Siberian cuisine.

This gave us the opportunity to talk ... Yes, medvezhatinu even tried. "

At this time in the margins of congratulated each other the other signatories. Russian Railways and their German counterparts have agreed to establish a joint company to ensure the smooth delivery of goods across Eurasia. And the Minister of Regional Development Vladimir Yakovlev his colleagues promised to take part in the Russian national project "Affordable Housing". Russian bankers are not going to fall behind and are willing to invest in almost any project, no matter where he is - in Moscow or Berlin.

"Vneshtorgbank is one, probably, of the few who is able to finance the transaction volume of one billion and above, so if there are proposals, we will certainly participate in it, and we are interested in, "- explained the president-chairman of the board of Vneshtorgbank Andrei Kostin.

But most of these consultations, won Siberia, said the Russian delegation.

Germans struck by the development of high technology, which they saw in Tomsk. Ready for signing at least ten contracts. If it goes, the doubling of GDP is around the corner, made today by the Minister of Information Technologies and Communications Leonid Reiman: "I am absolutely confident, and contribute to the development of high-technology economy, even a doubling of GDP is projected no less than the contribution of oil and gas. "

President Putin and Chancellor Merkel, ending his official program, the car went to make a tour of Siberia. On the quay of the river Tom, they stopped and went to look at the debacle.

phrase "ice tronulsya for those two days used, and businessmen, and politicians, symbolizing the new Russian-German relations. But leaders of two countries talked about the other - on geography. Location of Russian rivers remembered together. About the distance decided to ask students Pedagogical University.

Merkel: How many kilometers from here Ob?

students: Do not know.

Putin: They have not yet been floated.

Yevgeny Rozhkov

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