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At Stavropol crashed aircraft.

The plane turned into a heap of metal iskorezhennogo ..

last Sunday in Budyonnovsk district of the Stavropol region was an accident - the plane fell В«AN-2В». As a result of the crash killed three men and a woman. Another woman managed to survive. With severe injuries, she is in hospital Budennovska city.

signal that fell near the village of Terek aircraft «AN-2», entered the stand of âÕÄÅÎÎÏ×ÓËÏÇÏ GROVD in 20 hours 55 minutes.

came to the scene found a fallen squad EMERCOM aircraft on the field a second office SHP CJSC В«TerskyВ»:

- Airplane iskorezhennogo into a heap of metal and the bodies - in the bloody medley - told the correspondent of В«KPВ» one of the rescuers, who visited the scene. In order to retrieve the body of the deceased woman from the wreckage of the cab, we had to use hydraulic cutters. Most likely, it was and managed aircraft. Fell В«AN-2В» from a height of no more than a hundred meters - I made this conclusion, based on how much the aircraft hit the ground. If he was higher, he began to plan and not so scary crash.

According to the crash site found the document has become known that the deceased owner of the aircraft В«AN-2В», the number of on-board RF - 00,451, is the airline В«South-AirВ».

Under the contract with the company using agricultural aircraft handled herbicides field and rented a small airstrip, which took off and the ill-fated «AN-2» (in the nation - «kukuruznik»). At the time, when preparing this material, two dead - a man and a woman sidevshaya for the steering wheel - have not yet been identified, when they did not match any documents. Personalities two more are dead. This pilot commander Roman Loktev 1966 rub. and a soldier in the / h 52 380 (âÕÄÅÎÎÏ×ÓËÏÇÏ helicopter regiment) Eugene Belotelov. Confirmed identity utselevshey passazhirki has not yet been established. But the caller in the morning edition of a woman who had Tatiana, girlfriend killed, said that she is the wife of the pilot Eugene Marino. Her condition, doctors estimate as very heavy and they say that the chances to survive it has virtually none. We Zheni and Marina podrastaet little son ...

- It was such a friendly and a good family - remember colleagues Zheni. - Marina and Jack were so young. We very much hope that Marina can vykarabkatsya ...


According to witnesses, the events developed as follows. Easter Party vydalsya overcast, ÓÉÎÏÐÔÉËÉ promised storm. Therefore guard very surprised when entrusted to protect the runway appeared pilot «kukuruznika», even with the company of four people. And gathered to depart. Protestuyuschemu guard advised not to make noise, saying that they must fly in order to prepare the aircraft to the working week. As explained «KP» Service Budennovska MOE, the pilot at the time, ignored the professional discipline, unauthorized aircraft coming and not seeking permission to fly in the dispensary.

In addition, the double В«AN-2В» zalezli five people!

After two terms on the airport, the aircraft suddenly began to plunge zavalivatsya on the side, lost altitude and crashed about one kilometer from the runway, without a subsequent fire.

- now seen several versions of what happened - explained В«KomsomolkeВ» in the duty of GROVD Budennovska - from the plane may have been technical issues could simply end up fuel.

indirectly caused the accident could serve as that in the cabin were more people than expected. While reloading because of this could not be, because, as stated in GROVD on dead В«AN-2В» was empty at the time the tank capacity for 1200 liters of pesticides. But on the stability of the aircraft in the air of excess passengers are likely to affect.

Or maybe the cause of the accident was that the wheel of the aircraft was put В«porulitВ» neopytnuyu girl who had committed some kind of mistake that became fatal.

Indirectly, this indicates that a woman, not a pilot Roman Loktev, was found for the steering wheel aircraft. Perhaps, the inexperienced pilotessy fuel shortage has caused panic. ... However, no official version on this matter yet. The reason for the fall is set. The investigation was led LOVD Budennovska.


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