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Gaming is back?.

¬ЂOdnorukie bandits¬ї aroused the anger of the authorities after the terrorist attack in Vladikavkaz, where the gaming clubs progremeli explosions that took the lives of 3 people and ranivshie two dozen townspeople.

And at the end of last week, the Arbitration Court of SOA - Alan has decided to resume the gambling establishments in the territory of the republic.

Vladikavkaztsy who do not simply accept the decision of the republic's leadership on the closure of casinos and similar establishments, but also endorsed the move, did not remain silent.

And good old tradition came to the rally. More than a thousand citizens gathered in front of the Court of Arbitration for Liberty Square in Vladikavkaz. The protesters demanded the lifting of a court decision on the resumption of gambling, arguing that casinos are not only killing young people, but also promotes the growth of crime in the country. According to Professor Shamil Dzhigkaeva instead libraries youth literally zagonyayut in gambling establishments, and this may be expensive to manage future Ossetia. And only those who are indifferent to the fate of the Ossetian people can feel free to open a casino.

Posters protesters citizens decorated the relevant words: ¬ЂFootball is not, there is a casino, arbitration is still¬ї, ¬ЂJustice hands - not to play roulette¬ї, ¬ЂGaming - the death of our peers ! ¬ї,¬Ђ Taimuraz, we are with you! ¬ї(meaning the head of the republic, who first raised the topic of the need to ban¬Ђ odnorukih bandits ¬ї- Ed.).

By the way, this is not the first decision of the Court of Arbitration, which is a public dissatisfaction with the residents of North Ossetia. In mid-March the Court of Arbitration was disbanded football club ¬ЂAlaniya¬ї, which caused outrage all the fans of football club. Then, under the windows of the Arbitration Court at the Independence Square to the meeting. But Russian Football Union, led by President Vladimir Mutko allowed ¬ЂAlania¬ї to the game by inserting a command in the first division.


Chairman of the Parliament of SOA - Alan Larisa HABITSOVOY:

- The decision of Arbitration Court annuls the decision of local government, namely the administration of Vladikavkaz on the suspension of the gambling establishments. Verdict of the Court of Arbitration have absolutely no surprise.

decision to close the casino had hastily because when progremeli explosions and killed people who wanted a legal basis for this step.

and even more so it is not surprising the reaction of some owners of ¬Ђodnorukih bandits¬ї. The decision of the court they had taken as a signal for action: they say, can now be opened. And in vain. They are still closed, as none of the gambling establishments do not meet the requirements of the respective republican law.

My view is the same. This type of business must be localized in one place, which is far from human settlements.

Natalya Korniyenko. Inga BIBILOVA.

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