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Stavropolsky В«marshrutochnikovВ» built.

This week turned out to be extremely В«urozhaynoyВ» stavropolskih for taxi drivers. Residents of the regional center, which had not been able to wait for public transport to get to work, were forced to shell out for private.

the city popolzli rumors that after the Passover, not all drivers were able to go to work. In fact, on 24 April at the initiative of GUVD edge of the start of the operation В«GazelleВ». Reprimands to marshrutochnikov gaishnikov have accumulated a lot. Only since the beginning of this year, with the participation of public transport in Stavropol been about 40 accidents, which killed nine people. More than half of traffic accidents happened due to the fault of the drivers of minibuses. Control of order at the same time decided to check the amazing ability of drivers to place in a lounge instead of the 15 people on 17 - 19.

audit was conducted in two phases.

first - at the transport company. Conduct inspection of the vehicle and check the drivers. For example, in MUAP on Monday of the 130 buses on the line produced only 36. But those who have already passed initial inspection, were forced to disembark passengers in the middle of the road and go the route - because neopryatnogo appearance of the vehicle or non-compliant content chest.

- The results have given the first day of operation - described В«KPВ» Manaenkov Alexander, a senior gosavtoinspektor province. - On Tuesday, the primary scan were almost twice as many teams as of Monday. And if the first day it was recorded 116 violations of traffic rules, in the second - already 72. Almost twice as less.

- has long been needed to make such checks - to share their opinions with В«KomsomolkoyВ» Vladimir, a driver with 30 years experience.

- I have a lifetime of driving, I think a disciplined driver. On the same people working. But other young reckless driver or passengers are not respected, nor the other drivers. Only earn more money. Here's the check and let him. Index - not are behind the curve. And then standing with a full cabin of people and ÇÁÉÛÎÉËÉ tablets armory recalculated.

first phase of the operation will continue until the end of the week. But, as we are assured UGAI province, drivers should not relax. Henceforth, these operations will be conducted regularly.

only numbers

For three days the operation В«GazelleВ» inspected more than 530 minibuses. Recorded nearly 230 violations of traffic rules, and 135 - rules for the transport of passengers.


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