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The foundation and the crown of faith.

Orthodox Christians celebrate White Sunday - Easter.

Easter Sunday - the foundation and the crown of the Christian faith, the first and the greatest truth that the Apostles began to preach the gospel. Easter is celebrated all - from small to large, but the attitude of the prazdnuyuschih to the holiday mix. Someone happily vkushaet ËÕÌÉÞÉ, splits c relatives and friends "pisanki" - painted eggs: one shell is harder, and that the house owner. And while many major religious holiday that is not attached. For someone Easter is not much different from Pervomaya, and they see in it an extra reason to smile and celebrate spring heat and little concerned about the traditions and the meaning of the holiday.

During Soviet godlessness in most of the families of the church have never been spoken.

Children raised oktyabryatami-pioneers-komsomoltsami. The majority of the population of Easter could not cope, preferring it to the May holidays to absolute demonstration, balloons, flags, the evening meal and fireworks. In the late 1980's country has suddenly acquired a God. Everything has changed.

Resurrection of Christ - the essence of the Orthodox faith.

"If Christ has not risen, then our preaching vain, tshetna and your faith is," - says the apostle Paul. According to church canons, "at dawn on the first day after Saturday, when the wife mironositsy came to the tomb to anoint the body of spices his Teacher and Lord, it turned out that heavy stone to close the entrance to the cave burials, away. Coffin is empty: it only the burial linen cloths, which was zavernuto the body of Jesus Christ. The very same Christ is risen. " News of the resurrection of Jesus his apostles raznesli around the world, calling it "gospel" - good news.

As recorded in the Gospel, Christ was resurrected on the second day after the Jewish Passover - a holiday established in honor of the liberation of Israel from Egyptian slavery. The Resurrection of Christ has become the new Easter - joy of liberation from the slavery of death. The word "Easter" is "prehozhdenie. In vethozavetnoy Church of the holiday is named in memory of the outcome of the children of Israel from Egypt, and at the same time ridding them of slavery and, in the New Testament Church - to celebrate the fact that "the Son of God through the resurrection of the dead has passed from this world to the heavenly father, from earth to heaven, freeing us from eternal death, and the enemy of slavery, gave us the power to become children of God. "

In the solemn Easter morning in churches read treatment preacher John Chrysostom, which he called on all Christians, regardless of how they spent time Lent, come and enjoy a happy Sunday: "Death, where is your sting? Hell! Where thy victory?".

priests believe that "an Easter celebration Rights should not only be fictional.

There should be happy just because of the day, the charter of the church removed all restrictions on food and stuff. Easter - is, first of all, the triumph of the spiritual. Therefore, every believer should find this holiday prayers in the temple. Should involved. It is important that Easter joy and then passed through the business life of a Christian. The man his whole life to be built so that it is incompatible with the greatness prinesennoy for us at Calvary sacrifice and greatness of Christ's Resurrection. "

At Easter liturgy all believers are trying to be sure prichastitsya body and blood of Christ. And after the service ends, the believers of Christ "- welcome the three-kiss each other and the words" Christ is Risen! ". During Easter week in all the churches are generally permitted to any wishing to sound a bell.

celebration of Easter lasts for forty days - exactly as much as Christ was to his disciples after the resurrection.

At the fortieth day of Jesus Christ ascended to God. During the forty days of Easter, but especially during the first week, the Orthodox tradition of going to each other in the guests, give colored eggs and ËÕÌÉÞÉ.

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