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At Stavropol blown graves.

April 17 at the municipal cemetery in the town of Mikhailovskoye, an explosion occurred. In the center of the explosion were grandparents who came to remove the grave of relatives.

- What is it for the life of this? Even the relatives can not go to the grave - surprised his mother suffered from the explosion of a guy who is now in intensive care.

Toward the evening, Alexander V. Tsiguleva, along with his son Andrew went to the grave of grandfather - to bring order before Easter.

- I podstrigal bushes - barely remembers who came in to Andrew. - A Haircut and ogradki already moved on to the bench. And suddenly poslyshalsya cotton, not very strong, both from petards. And in 2 seconds - 3progremel explosion. Smell of gunpowder ...

far from the scene was a doctor, otolaryngologist local clinic, the first specialty-traumatologist orthopedist. He has suffered and first aid.

- My son cleaned at the grave of his wife, - says Sergey Zykov. - Suddenly, in the fifteen meters away from us poslyshalsya blast. It was a feeling that the car exploded gas cylinder. When we came, there had already gathered a lot of people. Young men dropped to the bushes. Face and legs he had in his blood. At first glance, it became clear that it is necessary to act immediately, while he is in shock. Otherwise, Andrew could fall into a coma, and then В«removeВ» kid, it would be much more difficult.

Some of the witnesses brought the first aid kit. Belt of trousers peretyanuli leg - it was an extensive laceration.

also affected my mother and relatives of Andrew Tsigulevyh Elena Havronina with 12-year-old son. Fortunately, their injuries were less serious.

Without waiting for the arrival В«emergencyВ», Andrew carried on the hands in the vicinity stoyavshuyu В«NivaВ», the others got on track before the other cars. They are taken to the Central City Hospital Mikhailovskaya.

According to the attending physician, patients had multiple shrapnel wounds the body. At the moment, their status is not cause for concern. Andrew in the morning the next day was transferred from intensive care to a general ward. The main challenge now - to keep the guy sight. He penetrating shrapnel wounds left eye. Resulting from the Stavropol specialists are doing their best.

- I do not feel pain. Looked at his son and thought: В«Only the left eye would be safe, because it is still a youngВ», - barely restrain her tears, said Alexander V.. - I have a standing at the table, he served as a shield to me. Andrew took the entire blow themselves.

Andrei Tsygulevu 21 years, this year he graduated from university. The fall was going to go into the army.

near the site of the explosion is not allowed, and some versions of the incident from the officials we have not heard. The representative of prosecutors Roman Romanov told us only time of the explosion (about seven nights) and that В«the official version of what happened at the prosecutor's office has noВ» - hardly surprising, since not every day we have blown up the graves. On the fact of explosion Stavropol region prosecutor's office brought the case on the 105 th article of the Criminal Code (attempted murder).


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