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Luzhkov's wife is building in Stavropol golf club?.

More than a year, this question does not rest as residents of the regional center, and his guests.

Anyone who drives along the southern bypass (the main road from Stavropol to Nevinnomysska), in the interval of the ring on the street near Dovatortsev bus number 1 to ring at the exit of Demin, drew attention to how quickly became preobrazhatsya for many years abandoned plot. First, someone podrovnyal land, then began to build a nice fence of expensive yellow brick and black fixtures, and soon planted along the fence neat ryadochki young sosenok.

When asked who first came to mind, these changes are linked with the wife of the capital's mayor, now no one will answer.

But rumors that Elena Baturina here decided to build a golf club, go to the edge so far.

However, for some time bytovala and another version of the purpose of the ten hectares of land still free. Ostensibly this way the fence is to begin construction soon of religious education for Muslims - madrassas.

But this version quickly forgotten. But on the golf club which is not only napridumyvali! For passengers traveling by bus on than not the reason posudachit. Those that pobednee, rugayutsya: В«to Be entertain foreign tourists!В» And those who have more money, they are responsible: В«And we are as bad? Here prikuplyu special klyushku and be happy there balls leave В».

Can stavropoltsy to replenish the Russian army golfers, we decided to get in the management of the architecture. Already there is clearly aware that it will be at the site.

- Earth on both sides of the southern bypass indeed have already been distributed, and the hosts they already have - told the chief of the master plan Mikhail Ryazantsev. - There will be a new car, and super-and hypermarkets. I must confess, a promising development of the quarter just magnificent. But on the golf club I have not heard anything yet - because it requires huge field. County clean, interesting topography with hills and water. Land is very valuable. I think this version - a complete delusion. All well that on the street Prigorodnoy will build a spaceport. Maybe, of course, the tenant said only about shopping and entertainment complex. But the name В«Golf ClubВ» accurately documents does not go away.

to finally clarify the situation, we went to this mysterious place.

- A pro Elena Baturinu asked to come? Many of the curious - artfully smiled guard, decided we were not provided.

- It means to be here a golf club? - Gnuli a line we have.

- Yes there is. Do not see how one is already occupied. The owner of a nursery sosenok identified.

Of the ten conversation with security guards who do not wish to issue a trade secret of their chief, the main thing we learned: the land is owned by krestyansko-farming. Elki it grows, will soon decorate Christmas morning, and the facades of private houses.


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