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How XRF zamanil Hiddinka?.

XRF head Vitaly Mutko gave "positive" assessment of the new coach of the Russian football team Gusu Hiddinku.

"He kommunikabelen clearly knows what wants to achieve," - Mutko said on Friday after Hiddinka departure from Moscow in an interview with Soviet Sport.

Chapter XRF has already made some conclusions about the mentor, to whom Russia trusts his team. So far they are favorable to both the Gusa, and prospects for the national team.

"He is ready to make contact with anyone who is willing to assist him in achieving the result. When personal Hiddink showed a high level of knowledge on many issues. It is important that Gus is confident in their forces and the burning desire to achieve high results, "- said Mutko.

When asked why Hiddik preferred to work in English - offer XRF, and what factors affect it, Mutko said: "Surely not the money."

"Salary Erikssona team in England, is known to be significantly higher than now Hiddinka. My opinion is: a talent koim, of course, is Gus, a high demand for challenges. I think he impressed our great challenge. He wants to be involved in the return, so to say, the Soviet image, "- said the head of XRF.

not ruled out, according to Mutko, and cultural interest in the famous coach in our country. In terms of Mutko, Russia, in this sense a much more attractive than England.

"In addition, the Dutchman sees a high potential for the national team - no doubt Mutko - if he did not believe in success, is unlikely to have agreed to work in our country."

On Friday, April 14, Dutchman Guus Hiddink signed a two-year contract with the Russian football Union, under which the 9 July for two years, he became head coach of Russia and will receive 2 million euros a year. Meanwhile, Hiddink will not only home team in Russia, but also and youth teams.

Yesterday Vitaly Mutko has announced that for the national team in Russia this season XRF spends about 12 million dollars allocated to fund В«National Academy of FootballВ», which is funded by Roman Abramovich. Approximately one fifth of those funds will go to pay Gusu Hiddinku.

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