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October events in Nalchik could happen again.

Last Friday, the hotel В«NartВ» in Nalchik gathered 300 people. They invited their Soyuz Abkhaz volunteers CBD.

in the hall for various groups rasselis are volunteers - people 30 - 40, the parents of the victims, who appear to have all these years will not go unheeded surviving children, the guests from Abkhazia, special guests from the elders and simply indifferent. Since all the event was held at kabardinskom language, I (though my neighbor Hassan Shalov and translated to me, almost all) just tried to see the present. Here's Kish-gunner - great guy, who, as I was told, was awarded the Order of Lyon - one of the most important awards of Abkhazia. Brave and forthright. But Arsen - chappie without legs - went on stage and in Russian briefly made: В«Do not be blamed on Russia. There is no need to blame Abkhazia. Or Kabarda. We are ourselves to blame if something is wrong. Let's keep volunteers В». It was he who, after another emotional attacks on Russia by the side of one of the radicals said.

Here is a vivid and emotional Andzor Goov, a surgeon from the god of fighting in Abkhazia. Or rather, not so much war, how many life-saving their compatriots. Delivered to the battlefield, it is not a volunteer. Confirmed today Andzor - Plenipotentiary Representative of Foreign Economic Relations of the CBD in Abkhazia, but the soul continues to be a volunteer. Ask him:

- What you gathered together at this time? Because so many years have passed since the war?

- we just do not care about what is happening today in the Kabardino-Balkaria, and in Abkhazia - in fact, you know, probably, that these republics are sister nations, which each other has always tried to help. Here we just call on the heart in Abkhazia drove - none of us did not ask, no one drove. And the money to us for this, no one offered. And today we are not only worried about the situation in Abkhazia, but also in our country. Something to do with young people to keep them from unreasonable steps from alien influence. After all, even if my 78-year-old mother is convinced that Russia does not allow Muslims to pray, how easily this to convince the young that do not have their own point of view of the guys? They need to talk, to explain that this war is not needed, that there is no need to oppose our republic of Russia. But for this, and the government should take steps that would have brought this youth on their side. Look how much we are now unemployed, young people have nowhere to put. But we have many traditional sports development - why would there young and unrestrained power not to send? We very much hope that the new power in the republic will listen to the people who know that this war - by the experience ... and to prevent the recurrence of events that have occurred in autumn.

tragedy that occurred in Nalchik in October last year, when the streets of the city killed people, two people shared the CBD.

Some believe that the fault occurred on power, which has demonstrated force, others believe the perpetrators of extremist groups, which are launched its activities in the CBD. It seems, however, that the truth is somewhere in between.

At the general meeting of the Abkhaz volunteers had a lot of emotion. But in spite of them, the new head of Alex Bekshokov was chosen almost unanimously. He has high hopes, because he - a member of the public advisory committee of the Presidency of the CBD. And he was a volunteer - awarded the Order of Abkhazia В«For CourageВ». Even after the collection was taken and the Union address to the President of the Republic Arsen Kanokov, where among the common phrases you can read a serious concern about the situation in the republic - in the first place, the situation of young people.

- You know, we would very much like to avoid a repetition of last October in Nalchik - excitedly said the former chairman of the Union of Beslan Hagazheev, who created the organization and is now voluntarily gave way to Alex, - and therefore would like to encourage the unification of all constructive forces of the sound - do not allow us separated, so that our young people took to the streets and destroyed what we have created in their own land for centuries - it is a truly brotherly relations between people of different nationalities.


Union Abkhaz volunteers CBD was created in 1994 from kabardintsev that in 1992, voluntarily went to fight on the side of Abkhazia against Georgia. 56 people from 1200 volunteers CBD died. They are considered heroes, not only in Abkhazia, but also at home. To view these people in the country heeded.


Russia loses the Caucasus?

Another volunteer, with whom I was able to talk - well-known today, not only in the republic, but in the world konezavodchik Ibrahim Yaganov. In Abkhazia komandirskie through his hands went up to 1000 volunteers. In doing so, he maintained friendships with many Georgians and I am sure that in all wars and conflicts do not blame the people and politicians.

- What happened in October - many did not understand. But if you do not understand, it is unlikely to be able to prevent this ...

- Many of my friends considered radicals, respecting my views, call me a traditional Muslim. I always stay to them. Like so many others. Despite the fact that we have started here to record Arabic Islam. But I is not an Arab. I mountaineer. When we returned from Abkhazia, the authorities could not understand who we are, and for a long time we tried to В«privatizedВ», to take control. They understand that we represent an organized force, but did not understand what we expect. But not all manageable. And when we did not tame, then decided to scare. Tried to cause a provocation. However, we were highly educated people who, although aware of the need for a national idea of the republic, but history is well known, yet history repeats itself periodically. Realizing that all this could end up bad, they did not engage in confrontation with the authorities. So they took the place of poorly young people who, in addition to the Koran, often nothing more, and not read. Extremists radicals. They were armed. Weapons must occasionally shoot, if it is. A government should periodically be enemies in order to prove its relevance. The power structure simply provoked this inexperience, not being able to own weapons, their youth nesformirovavshuyusya В«preventive work against the WahhabitesВ». But that did not stop. We started to look for and find В«associatesВ». So divisive. For those who pray, - В«WahhabitesВ», and those who do not pray, - В«theirВ».

- Russia thus increasingly losing Caucasus. Look for the enemy, looking for those who want to secede from Russia.

But with such economy, such a location, on a separate state can be said? This is a utopia! It is understood by all educated people. We are interested to live in a rich civilized nations, which would ensure our rights. Russia for us - it is the main option, because I say in Russian, I was in a Russian school, and a mentality that is close to me. Now I change to America, it is impossible. Russia should simply refer to us as to its citizens. But why can not I feel to come to Moscow and to resolve their problems, and without any problems arrive in Istanbul and I know any moment I will not stop on the road? That moment. The policeman - this is the one that works in accordance with the law, a moment of work В«on conceptsВ».

- Army officials, the power - this is not the whole of Russia ...

- I can not put it ... Not to the Russian claim. The most unfortunate and poor in Russia - this is ethnic Russian. Our village is far richer than the village in Russia. Do not blame people for what is going on, and policy.

- and how to prevent new terrorist attacks and protect young people from the mistakes?

- We should just go back to the field of law. In Russia, not ruled by law, and clans. Until this happens, no recipes will not help. The law, even if it is not a very good law, it is better than anarchy, lawlessness. Here we do not learn to live by the law, no change can not be.

Alla Heinonen

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