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Lukashenko for a third time came into the office of President of Belarus.

The President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in the Palace of the Republic officially took office for a third presidential lines.

the inauguration ceremony was opened by the Chairman of the Central Lidiya Yermoshina, which announced the results of elections on March 19, noting the convincing victory of Alexander Lukashenko (83 per cent of the vote). It should be noted that the EU did not recognize the outcome of the elections, calling them undemocratic, and the White House announced Lukashenko the "last dictator in Europe".

Near the head of the CEC were speakers of both houses of parliament, the Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk, the Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, President of the Constitutional Court.

put his right hand in a special copy of the Constitution in a leather cover with hand-embroidered letters, the president was sworn allegiance to the Belarusian people in the Belarusian language. Solemn occasion stressed on the stage set standards, of a panel of national symbols of flowers, with a gold image of the national emblem in the center.

present at the ceremony noted the confidence with which the powers, compared with the previous inauguration, President Lukashenko, ITAR-TASS news agency. Correspondent "Novaya Gazeta" said the opposite impression. In Lukashenko, shifty eyes, he looked very tired, and the cameras have only one major plan for the president.

In his speech, Lukashenko thanked the citizens of Belarus have chosen him for the trust.

"Thank you to those who do not doubt the loyalty to the way" - he said. The President thanked and fraternal leaders of Russia, the CIS, the political and public figures of our compatriots abroad, "to congratulate him on his election. According to Lukashenko, the election was "a starting point the next phase in the development of the young sovereign state."

"He created us with you - all citizens of Belarus with the help of friends and upheld, despite zhestochayshee and blatant as the pressure from inside and outside. We have proved that the Belarusian people should not be manipulated . We are an independent and proud nation "- said Lukashenko.

President stated that "the successes of Belarus, raising the living standards of people, the desire to play a larger role in the process of strengthening international stability, unfortunately, the perceived hostility in certain political circles of the West." He noted that during the election campaign, "as never before revealed the true face of the ideologues of double standards, the provocative nature of their policies."

"Their principle remains the same: divide and rule, changing only the forms: for some countries, military intervention, for others - the virus" color revolutions "- said Lukashenko.

According to him, the Belarusian foreign policy of peace, and "we are categorically opposed to settling international problems by military means, and even more so will not allow anyone to talk to us from a position of strength."

As at the previous inauguration in 2001, at a ceremony not attended by the Heads of other States. According to the established practice of inviting them to not be sent.

Minsk police on Saturday took control of reinforced adjacent to October Square in Minsk, where the inauguration ceremony.

As the "Interfax" on all sides around the perimeter of the area put up a cordon of MUP. A few blocks up to October Square, they check documents and personal belongings from selectively willing to go in the area of civilians.

Restricted movement of public transport, in particular, do not work the subway station "Oktyabrskaya" and "Kupalovskaya, the train did not stop. In addition, there are several outlets, located in the vicinity of the area.

Putin once again congratulated Lukashenko

Presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko in a telephone conversation discussed some aspects of bilateral relations, ITAR-TASS news agency.

According to the press service of the Belarusian President, the conversation was initiated by the Russian side.

"Vladimir Putin once again congratulated Alexander Lukashenko on his victory in the presidential election and assumption of the Presidency of the Republic of Belarus", - said the press service. The press service of the President of the Russian Federation confirmed the information.

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