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Time? Wait ....

Slow the aging of the capabilities of each. And spent on plastic surgery is not necessarily.

As you know, old ... we are starting from the very moment, like a woman, just beginning to show signs of age is closer to 25 years.

It then starts to slow recovery of the cells. A little later, started the process of changes in metabolism.

Then the skin becomes thin, dry, loses the ability to resist the harmful influences and becomes less elastic. Chronic illnesses also add its own contribution to the В«boxВ». So, for example, the skin of the elderly person is three times thinner than a 18-year-old boys.

But EXTERNAL AGING often premature. Among the main reasons for beauticians are two: no matter the environment and way of life. Almost 80% of external aging - on the conscience of those factors.

What we have is old?

  • UV radiation. Scientists estimate that over the past 10 years because of the ozone layer istoncheniya harmful radiation has increased by 10%.
  • Wind and frost. They are no less harmful than the sun: first, because cause drying and dehydration of the skin. Because of that, and wrinkles appear sooner.
  • Smoking. By the way, the scientists calculated that smokers form wrinkles are five times faster.
  • rid of wrinkles

    Education mimic wrinkles reduce В«injections beautyВ» - mesotherapy, restilayn, Botox. They are at times as if to paralyze the muscles and wrinkles razglazhivayutsya. And in time, active ingredients (as Botox, for example, is a poison botulin-toxine) samoraspadayutsya and output from mochepolovuyu system.

    contraindications for such procedures can be acute stages of any infection, purulent inflammation of the introduction of the drug, myasthenia (severe muscle weakness), certain blood diseases, pregnancy.


    And your skin В«in toneВ»?

    Take the test, which determines turgor (elasticity) and the elasticity of the skin. In the salon specialist will make it more professional, but В«scanВ» can arrange home.

    two fingers of his right hand obrazuyte fold to the side of the face.

    perfect tone - if you fold form seriously.

    starts dryablosti - if the fold is formed, but it is also aligned.

    flabbiness and poor tone - if you fold easily formed and well kept.


    How many years do you look?

    This test is used in forensic examination of the age:

  • lobnye nasal folds and wrinkles appear closer to 25 years;
  • wrinkles at the outer corners and behind the ears of age - 25 - 30 years
  • thin longitudinal wrinkles, folds in the centuries - 30 - 35 years;
  • so-called В«necklaces VenusВ», ie the wrinkles around his neck - in 35 years;
  • В«crow's feetВ» - wrinkles, diverging fan of outer corners of eyes - 35 - 45 years;
  • wrinkles on the hands and ears mochkah - after 50 years;
  • on the chin -- in 55 years.
  • If the above symptoms you have previously specified time, an occasion to ponder.

    What do you need?

    20 years Index - Prevention: sunscreen, food and moisture. But in no way a means of anti-age ( В«of agingВ») - they only hurt! Deep-cleaning in the cabin.

    25 years Skin care should be more careful, cleaning - deeper. Home Peel - 2 times a week. Intensive moisturizing using masks. Peeling fruit acids. Kriomassazh. Electrocoagulation. Cleaning. Vaporization. Lymph.

    35-40 years of decline in starts activity of sexual hormones. Enabling Tools (gormonopodobnye or placental) will make the cell work to the limit. Mesotherapy. Injections (Botox, restilayn). Ridoliz. Hardware miolifting. Fiziostimulyatsiya. Laser.

    Ludmila Kornienko.

    (c) RUSS-YUG.RU
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