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The Gospel of traitor. Text.

Papirus with the "Gospel of Judas" is authentic. Manuscript passed through the crucible of the five different examinations, which had its Muckraking experts.

All methods - radiocarbon dating, ink analysis, spectral analysis, contextual, as well as palaeographic confirmation - spoken in favor of the fact that the apocryphal text, discovered in early 1970 near the town of El-Minya (Egypt) present.

"Gospel of Judas" - the last of the old parchment, a kind of gift to the Egyptian desert, which deals with the historical image of Christ and the other is one izuchenikov, betray him.

In manuskripte Judas betrays Jesus not because of greed or malice, as alleged by the will and the direction of the Christ, helping, in a way, the teacher sacrifice in expiation of human sins.

The "Gospel of Judas" Jesus is confidential conversation with him, promising to share "the secrets of the kingdom of God." Jesus asked Judas to extradite him to the Romans, that his flesh was sacrificed.

, however, whether the manuscript is historically accurate information about the relationship between Jesus and Judah? What kind of expertise will be able to confirm or challenge?

This is a new conundrum, which was already puzzle scientists, representatives of churches and believers, and just interested people.

Obviously, the truth will be spent not one year but may, and a century. Perhaps the exact answer, none of the living on earth will ever.

planned that will soon be transferred to sheets of papyrus in the Coptic Museum in Cairo (Egypt), so that it can access all of the researchers.

This manuscript is part of a larger collection of documents, which in science is often called the Code Chakosa.

It also includes "The first revelation of James' letter to Philip, Peter and some other texts.

To date, translated and published a number of other Gnostic Gospels - from Mary Magdalene, of Philip, of Thomas and even "The Gospel of Truth."

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