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Hello, handsome!.

Left В«Basic instinct-2В». Sharon Stone seduces again, but not so zanimatelno.

In an interview Sharon Stone is strongly advised not miss the movie, so as not to miss the first four minutes. People have to trust. Writer Catherine Tramell, stop driving a car carrying at speeds of 100 miles per hour, and really show duhopodemnoe. In addition, the flight valkirii somewhat soften the disappointment - if someone is suddenly much muchilsya since 1992, desiring to learn how a similar fate this lady.

All she had as a people - it postarela, poglupela and razuchilas dress.

But do not lose their taste for adventure. Travel by car ended in the Thames. The woman to choose, and her companion - obdolbanny football player - no. Police found in the blood of the deceased, except for drugs, even miorelaksanty paralyzed poor, sochinitelnitsu accuses of murder and sent for psychiatric examination. The psychiatrist diagnosed - morbid passion for risk, but the prosecution splits. Sharp police craves set smb Tramell behind bars, Tramell patient wants to become a good doctor, good doctor wants to get a new position and to prevent it surfaced starodavnyaya medical error, which could cost him his career. The game starts. The first to die, one reporter, who all did not like.

Zahlopnuv razinuty mouth in amazement, after the final credits will have to find the accused.

not only in all the multiple murders committed in the course of the plot, but also deceived expectations. How come that a classic story turned suetlivoy vozney, a dangerous and immoral nymphomaniac Tramell - capricious svingershey? Mea culpa is nice, Michael Keyton-Jones, director, none of which the viewer does not remember? By entrusting production Moldovan gasterbayteram, producers would get no worse. Or Sharon Stone - wonderful in the hands of the director and the helpless charged under the authority of the mediocrity? Became a diva after В«Basic instinctВ» and В«CasinoВ», its emergence in the short В«broken flowersВ» Dzharmusha she promised to return, which does not take place.

Or time is not a story of passion, playing and principled immorality?

Last reply, strangely enough, the most calming. В«Basic instinctВ» Paul Vurhuvena, while amazing vulgarnosti told stories, had been disguised as Nouar drama of ideas, not the body. Feminism, power, temptation, freedom - these are those hot jazz and kill each other with a knife to the pins ice. The famous scene at the police station with zakidyvaniem one foot to the other affected the world more than he was willing to accept. Deprivirovanny AIDS and the world of neo-conservatism 90 to explore new ways of operation and areas of possible freedom.

Hanzheski-restrained, lacking any kind of questionable scenes, В«Basic instinct-2В» - this is almost a parody, so that nobody udosuzhilsya make this film.

Looking as Stone steps from the hip in duratskih cloth appropriate in the Moscow club for concern ekspatov, watching as it vertit men and women with the help of a pair of nehitryh tricks, you understand that that it is finished.

Perhaps it is for the better. So, is something else. Why is unjustified optimism cover on the stage, where Beauty meets Stone went to the psychiatric distress, elegantly izgibaet thigh and tomno said: В«Hey, handsome!В».

Anton Kostylev

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