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Spontaneous carousel.

Spontaneous building of the capital region - headache urban and regional authorities. How many new buildings rose in place of children's and sports grounds, at prishkolnyh pridomovyh and territories, no one believed.

Mnogoetazhki without pity В«chewВ» pools and playgrounds, parks and recreational areas. Recently, the construction oversight functions assigned to the Office of Housing and Architectural Control Stavropol region, headed by Alexander G. Montenegro, formerly deputy chief of the branch license center at Gosstroy Russia.

- Almost every week, passing through the city, I discover new building - he said. - Last year we received about two thousand complaints, including on the issue of unregulated development.

More often than not, tenants are asking for the suspension of construction in an area where local children's playgrounds, multi-build homes. Reached the point that the people organized a protest committee to combat illegal development, which strikes at the bell, sending the letter is replete with examples of even the President.

give just one quote from the committee in the name of the Governor: В«In the administration of Stavropol, a practice the allocation of land for building multi-residential buildings are not for municipal purposes, and solely for commercial purposes in detriment of the inhabitants ... The stream was В«businessВ» receiving huge kickbacks from commercial construction companies ... It is not a complaint sent to Strasbourg and taken into consideration the European Court of Justice that does not honor the public authorities of the city and Stavropol Femide ... City is on the verge of social explosion В».

- Of course, the situation should change, the more that bad example, it seems, was followed and Pyatigorsk - continues A. Montenegro. - But this requires other, more severe laws.

Today, our department has no such powers to be able to suspend the construction of a further stage of the selection of land. To do this we have the right only when it comes to the safety of structures, when there is a threat to life. And all the land issues in the country are given at the mercy of the municipalities. In addition, fines for various violations are so small that they pay their developers and officials are ready at least every day ... For example, if the object is decorated in an individual, and specifically the case more often than not, the law for the violation, we can issue a fine of 300 -500 rubles ...

However, management found the way to combat В«naturalВ» builders - interaction with other departments. For example, a state inspector, if found a violation of law, no right to stop it immediately, but may appeal to the prosecutor's office, which most other powers ... So it was with a В«healthyВ» Center at Castle Hill, the construction of which - next to the temple vozvodyaschimsya - has become a political voice . Bishop of Stavropol and Vladikavkazsky Feofan expressed its outrage personally Governor, who, in turn, raised the issue at a meeting of the Government of the province. From the perspective of morality, it is difficult to imagine how close the temple will be able to coexist and establishment with a sauna. Yes even at Castle Hill, which itself is listed historical and cultural monuments. By the way, is needed in this case, the permission of regional ministries of culture, of course, not. In connection with the past is likely to be filed in the builder - the company В«AvangardВ» - in court.

most striking that В«AvangardВ» has already received a certificate of ownership of 8% readiness of the facility, and there are already questions raised by the local unit of the Federal Registration Service, which issued it ... because Project construction is not even passed the state examination. More than that, check the prosecutor's office, held at the request of management, В«highlightsВ» breaches of the Land and Urban Planning Code, three (!) Federal laws and provincial law В«On protection and use of immovable historical and cultural monuments in the Stavropol regionВ». Filed the case on administrative violations.

However, this does not interfere with the Deputy Mayor of Stavropol, the Director of Urban V. Elichevu say that he considers inappropriate the abolition of a building permit, and in doing so to rely on the same issued by the Registry certificate of ownership of nezavershenku ...

Then it lifted the prosecutor's office. And like zatihlo construction. But there forever?

- B. Elichev recently signed a paper stating that he had, say, has no objection to the conservation of way - your attention! - Laying 58 blocks and 130 cubic meters. meters of concrete. Yes from this number, you can build two cottages, - said A. Montenegro. - Conservation is used when necessary to prevent the destruction of the facility, which for some time to build There will be no. To this end, additional blocks do not need to stow. You must only make the act of suspension of construction work and apply to the project organization that is suggested as the better to preserve what has already been built. The Public Prosecutor's Office also zasomnevalas and have asked our management to clarify whether the laying of blocks to the conservation facility. We have to verify.

remains to add that the company previously В«AvangardВ» led by a man who now works in the city Urban Development Committee ...

Trials related to illegal construction, now managing A. Chernogorova itself. However, this road is very long. For example, in 2003 the head of the city allowed Ltd. В«Forpost 1В» an extension on Lenin Street, near the Bank of Russia. And even then, it was clear that the dark matter, since the ruling was issued in violation of the law - without the approval of project documents, including the project has not received a positive expert opinion. In fact, construction has been on a working draft, which included the erection of a new four-storey building at a distance of only 60 centimeters from the wall of the bank.

later - in October 2004 the first - to claim the Bank arbitration court of appeal ruling has already been head of the city repealed. But just a month before the facility was in operation ... passed an act of State Commission. Given the grave violations of reception (available for only two floors of a planned four, there was no external and internal decoration and so on.) Members at the State Commission inspection gosarhstroynadzora imposed fines and issued a requirement to eliminate violations. After six months the mayor has voluntarily canceled their ruling ...

already changed the owner of the facility, more precisely, the head of the firm В«Forpost-1В» Tebyakin just sold it to his mother. But still ongoing trial of the claim for recognition of the bank building samovolnoy building and to demand its demolition ...

is in cases where the building in full swing at all В«pirateВ». For example, in the green zone of the regional center, on a street. Lermontov, 365, built a complex of living quarters.

- To date there is no design documents, nothing, "- says A. Montenegro. - Construction under way even without the permission of the local government, the contractor stands Ltd. В«WP StroiВ», and the company that built the В«GalleryВ». We check up a report, issued the order, but, sorry, make standing with machine to verify that way or not, we can not. Soon, the case will be handed over to magistrate. City Hall itself as it sees no problem. It is not engaged in high-rise parking lots and construction, demand for which is long overdue. In Stavropol nowhere to park. Soon it will be necessary to put the machine out of town and walking, if you do not take action. The Governor proposes to build about a dozen high-rise parking lots in the regional center. But why not think about the city government?

Overall stop В«elementsВ» new head of the Housing and Architectural Control believed possible.

some hope in the local rules on the density of buildings in the Stavropol region, which is currently developing the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Architecture UK. In addition, an edge is the development of new genplana Stavropol, as well, and many other cities and district centers of the province. Old genplany have not correspond to modern realities.

Alexander BELUZA

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