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Russian language: New Russian, tries.

The language is aftar.

new century just the fifth year, but has already managed to receive a special Russian language of the XXI century. And for the first time the language did not come spontaneously, as a result of purposeful activity enthusiasts. And for the first time - first in writing - on the Internet, and already out of new words and expressions have become perenimatsya oral speech.

the monument to Marx in Moscow on April 29 left the people protesting against the detention in Minsk activists «Apple» journalist and Newsweek.

In the hands of their posters were «Louka - in Bobruisk» and «Lukashenko vypey yadu».

«Yad» - they are not humiliated on the Belarusian language, which is heard as well written, but over the Russian. And the president of Belarus, was formerly the director does not Bobruisk farm - it is simply a new sustainable rugatelnoe expression.

Not all the protesters understood these slogans. Because it is not all learned the new rules of the Russian language, which invented the Internet. But soon learn. While scientists have made tentative attempts to insert the letter «a» in the «brochure» and «parachute», the web was much more courageous approach to spelling phonetics. «In Bobruisk, zhyvotnoe», «the author is cool», «Rzhunimagu», «Ftemu», «Ftopku» - these expressions are familiar not only to young layabouts, but also adults. They can now be heard on the evening of poetry and read on the pages of respectable newspapers, their use of Komsomolsk-on-Amur to Paris and even fought with them - but the analogy with Ellochkoy Lyudoedkoy of «12 chairs» do not help. On the contrary, thanks to parody the virus could soon be infected with all those who at least once a week, sits down for a computer.

Until now, the Russian language changed anything - borrowing foreign words, generating new by «varvarizatsii», - not only through the Internet.

now reached the turn, and to upgrade computer native language. And the network has given us just a dictionary, which is already out on the street.


source of infection is located in St. Petersburg. The city gave the country a lot of interesting people, including Dmitry Sokolovsky alias boa. Last week he turned 35, he was electrician by profession, vocation - a writer. Five years ago, began to write for the site with the speaker called, and then made a site, which publishes his and others' texts in the spirit of Bukovsky and Berrouza. They, as a literary critic Bakhtin, prevails solid bottom: sex, food and excrement. Only a checkmate in one hundred times greater than that of Rabelais and Bukovsky combined and referred to as the authors themselves did not rableziantsami and «padonkami». «This resource was created for this padonkov - and said in their manifesto. - Who does not like the word s ** and p ****, can go to x **. Others prutstsa ». «Prutstsa», «bastards» - these words are written the whole story, or «kriatiffy», as they call themselves «afftary». The most popular - on Klepe: «Klepa that such Saback ×ÒÏÄÉ, Saback a parody of such know stsuka tiny pocket nevnyatnastey - a small-small, puchiglazaya and nervous as fse small. Runs this drisch pa t apartment shaking and sudaragah any one eternal merznet and ssytstsa ... »

Under «afftarami» their «kamenty» left «kamentatary». When «afftarov» was a lot of interesting and «kriatiffov» little, «kammintatary» began to save time. If you like it - beyond words «great Satan in hell», «the author is cool» (in the sense of «lights») or «Peshy eschscho». Do not like - «Afftar, vypey yadu» or, if all very bad, «Kriatiff g * m * UPE author DAK» (you can «kg / s»). At a rally against Lukashenko and was a slogan: «dictatorial regime - kg / AM».

President of Belarus, one would not so offended, if the expression is not moved from marginal to «Living Magazine». This is a tremendous resource in the network where anyone can make a page. Only the Russian-speaking users in the hundreds of thousands.

«Older" LJ "was considered a springboard for refleksiruyuschih" intellectuals "and" bastards "positioned itself as a self-young cynics, who have been able to find in life - commented the chief editor of the site kultprosvet . ru Michael Rastashansky, also published earlier - However, one and a half years ago, lifted the code [for the opening of diaries], and they too perepolzli in the "Learn" ».

At the new location «afftary» behaved just like «bastards» and arranged «terror», which led to the emergence of new «ÖÖÏÔ». Now received widespread «gotichno», for example, was born after the harassment of one girl - she in her journal without measures admired Goths. A «In Bobruisk, zhyvotnoe» - this is the name of the community in which «bastards» ridiculed blogs provincial authors. Ideologist prosecution provintsialov became an interpreter Arsenii apazhe Fedorov, although he had something of himself Novgorod the Great, while the girl was fought - and thus became the author of the phrase «gotichno» - Udava ally, 28-year-old programmer from St. Petersburg, Ruslan Paushov, better known as Goblin Gaga.

While most famous «teacher Albanian» - not their invention.

history is silent, who suggested that one American, had the imprudence to ask why the international system someone writes in a language he understands, not at all, and what kind of language. Said to him many times that his diary had broken down, and the community Goblin Gagi, in turn, closed the resource administration in the U.S. (for aggression), but «Albanian teachers» and «In Bobruisk, zhyvotnoe» has firmly entered into use, and even «intelligent» users regularly use these expressions.

«Afftar, fpechat»

Another Goblin Gaga announced copyright on the word «Niibatso». There is something in the Japanese and philosophical. Others swearing-replacement letters have become more serious, and the Russians, but they are most popular with «intelligence», for example, «s * et let two». They are increasingly being heard in spoken language.

«Recently, the poetic evening, I saw a lady forty years of screaming with delight:" Afftar, zhzhosh! Afftar, zhzhosh! "- Says editor Rastashansky. - Although it is unlikely to learn it on someone's site, probably heard somewhere ».

A newspaper «Kommersant» last Wednesday proskochilo word «gotichno».

«Gotichno» - allegedly told Canadian Ambassador Christopher Westdal, admiring the house of the Russian Foreign Ministry receptions.

In fact, this correspondent so poshutila and Editor of the jokes are not yet known. But the editor of a publication Kiev already knows, and now turns to its employees not to the question: «Where did [the information]?», But with the question: «Who is author?», As the staff of the publication to boast «LJ».

Something similar happened after the screening «Kin-Dza-Dza» the same «12 chairs» - all these «Ku» and «Hamite, parnisha».

«But the film has not been around the environment where they can turn a word, - comments known linguist Roman Leybov. - Internet is increasingly becoming a system of personal diaries, which allows vbrasyvat in the general use of marginal zhargony ».


Vbrasyvanie happening so - once in his diary, for example, Ryazan user hd_amr a new record, immediately from Tashkent and from Komsomolsk-on-Amur carry: «Ah * et, Give two ». These users old_benj and leoyarcev comment. More say they have nothing. In other words, the information in those terms, sustainable - zero. Is that perceived them as points: «the author is cool» - this 5, «Glamurnenko» - 4, «Gotichno» - 3, «kg / s» - 2.

«They want to get into the style, but it does a long time to write, and even harder to formulate a thought. This is born such stamps - explains Goblin Gaga. - Choose a more or less all right - and the next, you're witty commentator ».

And recently stamps appeared in the literal sense - the image of the stamps, with all the necessary frazeologizmami primarily maternymi. So now do not have to fret that the right to make mistakes in words.

«Yes, it is already apofeoz», - writes user apazhe.

A first comment must be heard as a «first tries» and does not signify anything more than «first comment».

«Oh, this is purely 'omvskoe invention - Rastashansky laughs. - Then creatives vykladyvalis in the evenings, and especially the style has been to find them first. Sat and stupidly zhali to [key update site] F5 and quickly wrote ».

Revniteli purity

On the other side of the barricades was a teacher of Russian language and literature Dmitry Pobuzhansky, which, however, is not in school, a system administrator, and as such is known as user Dimasty, April 26 He sat down at the computer, and only 20 minutes set up a satire. 15 minutes it took to find a novel piece of Ilf and Petrov on Ellochke Lyudoedke, and five more to replace it with the words to «Gotichno» and «Learn Albanian».

- Hello, Elenochka and it is this? From chairs?

- Pazitif! (Excellent chairs - Hereinafter transfer Newsweek)

- No, really?

- Glamurno! (Milenkie chairs!)

- Yes. Chairs good.

- Gotichno! (Normal chairs!)

- Podaril anyone?

- Uzhosnah! (It is an outrage!)

- How? Do you bought? At what means? Is it for business? In fact, I told you a thousand times ...

- Ernestulya! Vypey yadu! (Ah, Leave me alone!)

- How is it possible to do? Indeed, there is nothing we will!

- this sucks! .. (Go to hell! ..)

- But this is outrageous! You do not live within our means!

- In gazenvagen! (In the gas chamber - The phrase belongs yuzeru apazhe)

- Yes. You do not live within our means ...

- Where is the moderator? (Where is the moderator?)

- No, let's talk seriously. I get two hundred rubles ...

- Vypey yadu!

- Vzyatok not take ... Do not steal the money and they can not forge ...

- hypocrite, kill yourself! (That you failed!)

Pobuzhansky lives in Moscow, he was 30. He said that thus struggled with ÚÁÒÁÚÏÊ St. Petersburg, but had completely different. Those who do not have the habit to browse the «LJ», his parody received by mail or peydzheru ICQ, and now these expressions to them, too privyazhutsya.

designer Yuri Tkachenko lives in Simferopol, and very irritable when his journal written comments to the new spelling. Therefore, on April 27, he is literally an hour painted banner «I can speak in Russian», and now offers it all hang out on their own sites.

«Afftar, zhzhosh - he received in response. - Let's have action on otstrelu homeless ».

«From bomzhami I struggle when they mochatsya on my porch, - justifies the author. - We are not struggling with illiteracy, and want easy to read ».

Where calmer this issue include the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University student Elena Yamschikova:

«We were taught that the language - it is alive - she said. - And even this mockery can go to him for the benefit, to refresh his ».

fellow Helen does not become infected, but her friends from the Medical University of vengeance use stamps to talk, but she even defended the diploma on the subject - called «Language reflection naive Speaking Materials Internet blogs ».

«Naive speaker - a man, suggested language, but it is not philologists, - explains diplomnitsa. - What we see in the "Learn", it is an attempt to speak so as to compensate for a lack of emotion in the written form of communication ».

«In essence, it is poetry - goes even further literary critic Vyacheslav Kuritsyn - joyful children's desire to play with words. In many cases, can only envy them the ease of language ».

By the way, the poetry: in April, came another parody, is a typical dialogue in «LJ».

calls it creativity «Eugene Onegin»:

- Dopisal his «Onegin», overlaid - informs user pushkin.

- first tries! ýÁ pochetayu - immediately withdrawn natalia goncharova. And later: «affected to a depth of soul. Sashenka necessarily peshy eschscho! »

- CG / AM. Afftar, kill sibya - appears suddenly dantes.

- Ya seichas v Baden-badene, poetomu pishu translitom, - pishetturgenev. - Kreativ ponravilsya. Peshi escho.

- Prekolno - recognizes tolstoy, - but little ...

- Tolstoy, all told - chekanit lenin.

- would be brief - summarizes putin, - gotichno!

poetry or not, but from the same dictionary as the «Rzhunimagu» and «great Satan in hell», choose their words to poetry winner «Debut» shish Bryansk and constant author with nabokovskim nickname Sebastian Knight. nowhere did he go and do not thrive, despite competition from «LJ». As himself boa, read stories and see the corresponding obscene pictures call 40 000 visitors a day, so that the life he does not complain. Moreover, to produce branded T-shirts with symbols of, while strong expressions of them do not write. Do not write, because it has caused them «the author is cool» and «First tries» gaining increasing popularity, they «bastards» they are tired. And even wanted to forbid them to write in comments, but then decided: «X * and with it».

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